feminism refuses to acknowledge that female and male brains have differences and that our different hormones drive us to have different preferences, approaches and values. But by telling women they must live as men do and compete with men, feminism has set itself up to fail, because male biology is advantaged over female biology in a capitalistic system.
Why Feminism Wants to Dismantle the Family (long)
Nikita Coulombe

Some parts of this I really loved … as a mother of a son and daughter , the differences from birth are extraordinary.

My son turned himself around in his bassinet in the hospital at one day old.

Growing up with his older sisters toys , we never thought a thing of it. We don’t believe in gender training , or influence. I don’t want to ever tell my son to be tough, or not to cry for example. I didn’t think anything of it that he was surrounded by dolls and pink. But the funny thing is, he has been attracted to everhthrjng boy from the beginning .. anything with wheels, motorcycles, he has so active .. loves to throw everything , loves to hit and bite. Loves to destroy things, knock them down. Loves balls and bats and play swords.

I was a bit worried, but then I watched this old movie , Pinocchio the Disney movie. In it , the boys that Pinocchio meets go to a playground just for boys.. it was in the attractions at the amusement park that I started laughing — the pleasure island has a huge house just made for the boys to destroy .. they have fighting pits. I laughed so hard because for my little son- that would truly be heaven!!

And how funny that we never see that kind of association with boys anymore ? Like I didn’t even know that little boys love to hit and bite and throw and destroy everything !!

I had to watch a movie from the 1940s to let me know my son is perfectly fine.


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