A. I hear you.
H. Nemesis Nyx

Thank you!


I’m super impressed.

That was lovely.

I thought you hated me.

And hey. That’s ok. Lots of people do.

It’s alright. I’m super direct and I forget to be gentle because I assume that we are all coming from a place of love. And forgiveness. Because in all my literary folly, that’s really where my heart is at.

And if anyone ever thought I felt anything different for my fellows. They were wrong.

Sometimes I get hard too. When I feel something. The heart isn’t tame and either should it be.

Just know I love us. I really do. If I say something you think is fucked up, tell me.

But hear my heart too. That it is coming from love.

It really is.

I get it I do.

People think I’m the biggest asshole on line. Then they meet me and they all say I’m not anything they thought I was. Even my kids had to adjust. I just put it out there and if you don’t know that I really care about people , then it’s easy to get offended.


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