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That is one of the things I really dislike about Medium. I felt it too. What I was allowed to say , and not say. Actually it made me angry at first because to put a muzzle on an artist ; how lewd. ( not that I’m an artist but there are some really talented people on here , like you)

I am one of those people who is very accepting. Even though I’m opinionated I am probably the least judgemental person you’ve met. Like I said earlier my opinions are usually based on unbiased observation. Because people are so much more complex , then to think I could have them all figured out from a sentence or two. Sure there are some situations where I do judge people and they usually deserve it. I tend to love people who are brutally honest and eccentric and just who they are. The more authentic the better. I have lots of asshole friends , all types. But they’re all honest about being assholes and so we sit quite right together. It’s the honesty that I like, more than anything. And I find that if you’re going to be authentic, people will invariably think of you as an asshole because you’re going to attack people’s egos instead of appeal to them.

In America , being polite means that you’re expected to lie and appeal to people’s egos. Never threaten them. That’s also why America is known as one of the most superficial societies in the world.

And people aren’t fucking perfect. My god. We are human. That’s what we lack I think, the latest generations.. We don’t appreciate diversity even though we protest for it. We hate people being who they are if it means not like them. We are falling into a bit of a trap.. It is starting to remind me strangely of the 50s. There is definitely a trend towards the human dry cleaning business.. Stepford wives bit.

I think the thing is , you have to be very secure with who you are in the first place to allow others to be who they are. To not see it as offensive. To not see it as an attack.

Artists used to be the most crazy wild and free and now …

Everyone forgot how to laugh at themselves and not take this so seriously. Or they forgot that being an authentic human being is far more important than anything else.

My older brother is a successful writer and every time I sit down to talk to him he tells me to calm down. Medium reminds me of that.. Haha.

And thank you and I want you to know I completely see what you mean. You’re right. I don’t like that. I understand . I totally get it. I’ve felt the pressure too. And I’ve also decided to not allow it to change what I put out there.

Because that’s just the one thing I won’t do.

I am not trading in my soul for some stupid green hearts.