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The actual intent of the 2nd amendment , was to arm the militias, and also because every man was expected to join the militias. So it was two fold.

There are notes available from that time that explain exactly what was meant by the 2nd amendment .. You should read them.

The NRA has the 2nd amendment posted in their lobby with the militia part edited out. And that’s how most people interpret it. They don’t understand that back then, basically if an English soldier knocked on your door and asked to spend the night in your bed , you would have to do it.

Back then we were scared of being an occupied nation. That was a very real fear. Every man past a certain age was expected to join in the militias, and that’s why they had a right to arms.

The constitution , also says freedom of religion, but again, if you read the notes and the writings of our fore fathers , that was only supposed to protect religions with Christian based morality.

At this point , gun control would not affect a legal gun owner. Might inconvenience them, to a degree.

What I don’t understand , is why anyone would not want gun control. In fact the majority of America does, and has for some time, but the NRA lobbyists spend a lot of money to keep the laws as they are. They spent 30 million dollars the year after Sandy Hook to pay off politicians and 15 million to ruin candidates that supported gun control, for example. Just that one year after Sandy Hook.

If it was up to the will of the people, as the constitution states, we would have our gun control. And you would be shit out of luck.

That’s what is so ironic about people like you . You talk such long shit about the constitution , but you have no problems defying it to get what you want. If it weren’t for the lobbyists being able to pay off politicians — we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

People wanting gun control have outnumbered the ones that don’t for some time. Actually.

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