far more white people than black people have been killed by police during the same period when we’ve been told there’s this epidemic of killings of blacks by cops.
Has it ever occurred to you that maybe, just maybe, not everything is about race … and that maybe…
Traditional Tradesman

The ratio is on average this for the yearly killing of black and whites for the past ten years :

150 blacks are killed a year by police , on average 3 of those are unarmed.

500 white people are killed by police and about on average 10 are unarmed .

The arrest statistics are what really makes it clear that there isn’t a racist conspiracy though. At least not with murder.

Because blacks have consistently more than doubled that of all other races for felony , gun, shooting related arrests.

Just for contrast , on average 2000 black people are killed in gang shootings.

Those are the real numbers … just to make it crystal clear.

I have no doubt we have a police problem. None . At all. But it’s not about race .. If there is a shitty cop, he is going to be a dick to everyone black, white ,yellow it doesn’t matter.

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