Love is a choice, but you don’t just choose anyone or everyone
Kris Gage

There are so many different types of love. Every time you love it is different.

The love you describe is one kind. The kind long marriages are made out of.

But there is another kind….

The kind that burns so hot that it burns out quick.

I think ideally you want a mix of both… the hot love that burns , and then turns into the choice.

If you haven’t experienced the burning kind of love that takes over your entire being, it does exist.

It is out there.

There is a price to pay for it , and you have to be willing to pay it but it does exist..

Lust doesn’t invalidate something. Or make it cheap.

Sure sometimes lust alone can be.

The loves that scar you for the rest of your life burn.

Have lots of lust.

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