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This , as bad as it sounds, is very true.

But ; to be fair, we live in a completely different world now. The min wage was higher in 1979. And 60% of our national work force makes close to it. It’s actually gone down while the cost of living has risen 600%. Most cars cost more than most people make now.

No pensions. No and the worst medical insurance coverages. No unions. Wages have actually gone down 6% just since the 90s. Life is very very different.

We can’t leave home after college. Or we have to get three roommates and work a second job ( if we plan on buying a house by the time we are 40)

Life is different. Life is worse. We make no money and everything costs more than it ever has. Our benefits are non existent.

Because this country has been run by plutocrats and they made all the laws that benefited them and their profits.

This is why they pay less taxes. Why our bosses pay less taxes then we do. Why a guy making 85,000 a year is going to have a third of his income go to taxes and Verizon will pay no taxes and take home a trillion dollar tax return.

Life is different now .

I think we found out how people in Europe live. We looked at people in the rest of the developed countries and saw how they had good lives and worked one job and got a month off paid vacation and three years of maternity leave and had a second house . And worked a factory job on the production floor and we were like -huh? What?!? You make more money than me and I work twice as many hours as you and get a half hour off for lunch and I have a Masters? Two hour lunches? Six hour work days? Whaat? You’re not in debt? You don’t have to pay for surgery?

Like why is America the worst place to work and live ,out of the developed world??

We make way more money, in fact production is higher than it ever has been by miles and yet the treat us worse and worse?

Wtf man?

We want good lives. We want good lives.

There is only one other country in the world who has maternity leave as bad as ours.

Papua New Guinea.

It’s because we made it legal for people to pay off our politicians.

So obviously when money can buy you policy and law; the wealthy make out like bandits and the poor and middle class are fucked.

Americas middle class is the most fucked. They pay the most taxes, they get the least amount of breaks and free shit. Americas middle class can’t afford to go to college. And can’t get a loan.

We’re fucked.

And yes we want what everyone else has in the world. We want life to be easy and we want to enjoy it. Just like Europe.

We want to get paid more — or paid in line with the cost of living. We want our housing to be cheaper. We want free medical care ( America is the ONLY country in the world who makes you pay for it) we want lower cost higher education.

Mike. Could you imagine what would happen to America if college was free? Just imagine it. If college were free it would revolutionize our country. I think gangs would be stopped. Seriously. I think Gang bangers would put down their AKs and go to school. I think everyone would go to school. I think everyone would want to.

This is why you go to other countries like Russia or Sweden, it’s hard to find anyone with less than a Masters Degree.

What happens when people get educated?


We want the American dream. We want our country back and out of the pockets of the wealthy men. We want at least a 50/50 chance that what we vote on will go through.

We want shit we care about to get done.

What’s the last law that congress and senate passed that meant something to you?

But I bet if we asked the CEO or a stock market brat, they would know.

America got left behind. We got picked last. We fucked ourselves for more money. For the guys that had too much already.

Money and the greed of it , the want of it has destroyed this country. People think it’s not destroyed. If we didn’t have welfare and food stamps and HUD , we would be in a worse depression than the 30s. We are the “gateway” country on every list. We are the last developed , first world country on every list before the third world countries. Some of them rate actually higher than us with some things. But America doesn’t rate better than any comparable country. Not one. In any regard. Except profit and that should tell you everything.

Highest crime rates. ( besides the fact that we need some serious revisions to our laws. Someone gets less time for rape than growing marijuana ? Wtf?!) highest amounts of mental illness and mental medications. Least educated. Most hours worked . Least paid. Least benefits. Least time off. Shortest lunch breaks. Longest work days. Longest work week. Least amount of vacation per year. Lowest maternity leave. Largest pay gap between CEOs and employees. Most expensive higher education. Highest cost of living . Least pensions and retirements ( we don’t even have those anymore) most expensive healthcare system in the world.

Need I go on?

Every other country is doing better than us except in one regard.


But guess what? With 30 hour work weeks / month min paid vacation for everyone no matter how long they’ve worked for a company, free healthcare, free childcare. Free college. Two hour lunch breaks. Much higher pay. And a yearly bonus that equals a month of pay. Food without pesticides and chemicals. Pensions and retirements. Much more time off and sick days. Less crime. No poverty.

They are just a tiny bit behind us. Tiny bit.

In fact , they pay a higher tax rate in those countries … but guess what? Compared to America , the typical American salary and tax rate, we end up paying twice as much more as they do when all is said in done.

Slightly higher taxes and free college? Free to low cost child care? Free medical? Better food? Low cost housing? Better education system?

We end up paying so much more.

Our GDP will continue to fall… because America isn’t paying its people enough. We can’t buy what they’re selling anymore.


I could rant all day about the possibilities of change for the better. About what we could do. About what is possible. About what everyone else does and is much more successful for it.

So far America isn’t ready. We have people that clamor to keep the min wage down.

It’s so stupid it can make me cry.

But that’s merica!

God bless us. Bless our little black hearts.

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