Caitlin Johnstone

This is one of the most insane , disgusting articles I’ve ever read.

It is so crazy to me how you can spew this type of venom and wish death on a man who is a father, a husband, a grandfather, and yet be complaining and holding one man responsible for basically everything you project.

Hatred. Violence. Malice.

This is a man who has lived a life time.

He has fought in wars.

He has been inprisoned for years in a death camp. He even refused to leave his buddies there when they offered to release him .. I’m pretty sure you couldn’t muster character like that if it hit you in the face.

How dare you .. Just fucking gross to gloat at a mans impending death.

You’re like a trump supporter screaming insults at the Obamas.

Have some respect for yourself and know your fucking place in the world.

We have to maintain our sense of morality, or sense of respect for people and decency.

( had to delete a paragraph … )

And after all that, go home and talk to your mom about how to speak to and about your elders. I mean… I just don’t get how anyone could do that, to this man in particular.

Just old fashioned respect man.

While you kick your feet up and watch your sitcoms and eat your twinkies.


I’m gonna bet that your life is about to get real shitty. You’ve got some ball sack to talk this much shit to a dying man.

There are some lines you just don’t cross, and if you do, the universe notices and you’ll pay the price for that.

You got some major lessons coming .

And I hope they sting.

They need to.

The sick thing is , you actually believe it all too.

You mean it.

Poison heart man.

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