One of the greatest lessons I learned as a woman, was that looks, and so much of everything on your…
A Ennis

This is reality about a lot of women.

I’ve sat with women who had zero shame about playing men who served a purpose. Keeping a man close because they had a certain job, or car or look.

Attractive women are usually the worst too.

These check lists? Reality.

I know women who have rules for dating. They have a set amount of time before they have sex. They have a checklist in their minds about what a guy has to do- for example, after a date , the woman won’t contact the guy. Because she thinks that the guy has to contact her first. If he fails this test, he fails.

Yes it’s true. Sadly. It’s true.

Most women have a check list. Many different check lists.

Sometimes I think I’ve been exposed to just the worst that society has to offer , but ……….

I’m talking about PHDs. I’m talking about women who are models. Masters degrees. Own their own business.

In fact I think women tend to get more vapid the higher up the ladder you go.


There is always the exception to the rules.

I would love it if this list was a joke. But it’s not. It’s really not. At least in my experience. Although I am also sure that there is wonderful women out there. And I’ve known a few of them too. Although every wonderful , amazing woman I have met, isn’t the woman that the men are clawing themselves to get a chance with.

They are the women that don’t get noticed as much.

You can find some real gems when you’re not looking for a diamond.

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