I’ve dated many polished, accomplished men. Men who have started companies and movements, men who have built fascinating and successful careers for themselves, who have money in the bank, boats in the harbor, dreams they actually attain. Children, families. Men who are organized and who have people depending on them. Real men, in other words.
On dating men with “potential”

This paragraph encapsulates what women feel about men..

What “real men” are. What men are worth dating , worth loving. Worth marrying ..

And this is also why most American women are lonely. And not in love. And divorced. And unhappy.

I am not being negative Nancy. Most all of my friends feel exactly this way and judging from your 600 green hearts many other women do too.

It’s funny because I have posted similar on my page and women have argued with me about it. Protesting. Claiming to not be that superficial. Maybe I didn’t make it sound as endearing.

Because to me it isn’t, not really. But I also have friends that think I need to grow up.

When real life hits , there has to be money.

I just love that you wrote it.

Because this is true. This is what I see.

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