understand that from a personal vantage point, every single solitary person thinks they are correct in how they assess and conclude. Nobody thinks from the perspective of wrongness.
What Are You Willing to Give Up so Your Privilege Does not Mean Lack of Privilege for Someone Else?
Karen Kilbane

This was interesting .. although I realize that you are probably correct here , I don’t think this is the answer .

Actually I think rethinking our correctness is the way to go.

I’ve always considered myself being in a constant state of “wrongness”.

There are a thousand reasons for this. Least of which is, it helps me validate others and consider their point of view.

People have their priorities all wrong.

If we continue to practice the same self centered , arrogant and ignorant thinking we always have, nothing is going to change. We will be running around claiming rightness adinfinitum.

The process to wrongness from rightness is a huge one and that’s why it’s almost hopeless.

What we should be letting go of is the need to be right to the exclusion of others, especially when it comes to opinions. Opinions have no truth, no correct answer and no fact. Sure there can be fact based opinions, but so few of us actually have those that it’s almost a non existent issue. Most of us have stopped understanding that we have to learn about issues to understand them. We think having feelings about an issue qualifies us to have an opinion about it.

Sort of the basis of identity politicking.

What are most people running from when they cling to a state of rightness?

The embarrassment , the loss of pride. The insult in being “wrong”. The ego hit of losing. Our need to be right all the time is based on our fear of not.

Most of us feel threatened when someone corrects us , most of us are intimidated , not stimulated , when we are around someone who knows more than us. Most of us base our self worth on approval ratings and we seek it out by being right. By going along with the crowd we identify with. All of this is happening on a sub conscious level , people aren’t even aware of how afraid they are of all of these things.

Why is new information threatening to us? Who taught us that adapting, evolving with new insights, information or experience was shameful? Where in the hell did we ever get that idea?

It seems so easy , it does. But most humans don’t even possess the capacity to think in those terms. It’s that far beyond them and their scope of comprehension. Not so much because they aren’t capable , but because abstract thinking, was never a priority. To move the machine, it needs certain parts. In a capitialistic society, run by and for greed, spiritualism ( not religion ) abstract thinking , the arts, even culture takes a back seat. We raise them from a young age , what to focus on to get ahead here. Not just from a family of origin standpoint. From all aspects of the society at large.

About a quarter of this country thinks it can argue and use the Bible as a touch stone for truth. How do we argue with that? If the Bible is the ultimate truth? So that means that we cant even try. It would be a waste of time. ( nothing against religion, but it makes it extremely hard to have a give/give conversation)

Unfortunately , for everyone else , who at least doesn’t use the Bible to gauge veracity , the problems start way before we enter the picture to discuss it.

What builds up our self esteems, what gives us self worth? What creates in us a back bone strong enough to remain teachable ( which is the state of wrongness ) strong family life , secure family life , healthy relationships with both our parents and lets admit it, some people are smarter and more capable than others. Some people can come from nothing and figure all this shit out and practice it on a daily basis and be miles ahead of people who had everything anyone could ever want and still turned out to be selfish assholes.

But to give people the best chance at being healthy human beings mentally and emotionally we start with healthy experiences at home.

America is destroying that chance, in more ways than one. Being the only country in the world where health care isn’t free is one of them. Paying the lowest wages out of all comparable countries is another ( in Europe working two jobs is unheard of) not providing free or low cost child care is another. Working more hours, with less vacations and less pay and benefits is another..creating stressed out parents that don’t have time or energy to be loving , dedicated parents. Not giving out or even having a legal maternity leave policy that gives new baby’s plenty of time with their parents to develop healthy and secure self esteem in the very beginning is probably the biggest thing. We start building our strength the moment we are taken home . When mom and dad have to go to work and an infant who learns her sense of safety and security from being close to her parents is taken to day care at 2 months old — that time till she is one years old — we can never get back. It’s the most important time in the formation of the human psyche and personality. The more parents that go back to work early and don’t stay home with their children during that time , the more people that have a bigger chance of growing up afraid have of developing into adults that will affect their country. So America has the worst maternity leave out of every single country on the planet except for Papua New Guinea ( not making that up). In Europe , just for contrast sake, maternity leave is at least a year and in some countries goes up to 5 years , or till the kids enter kindergarten. Which is what it should be if you want a healthy, considerate and more secure adult, which effects their ability to reason, to interact with others , to learn, everything good about people basically is formed within that first years of life — really the first three. ( Try talking to an Italian or a Swede about our maternity leave. The look of shock and amazement is enough to make you feel ashamed. ) So if you had zero security, and attachment to your parents and no stability during that time , stressed out parents that didn’t answer your cries, everything about your ability to reason maturely , will be affected.

Not having subsidized housing in America causes a lot of stress . Parents work two jobs sometimes three , kids left alone , eating processed foods, playing video games or watching too many movies and TV that become the way they assess reality. People pay half their incomes to mortgages and rent here. The middle class is getting taxed a third of their income on top of that. If you think about it, America’s government has basically forced you to live off your credit cards because all of the things they make you pay for — for the average person- takes up all their pay. Medical insurance for a family if you get a plan through your work? $1000 and up. But that still doesn’t mean you’re not going to go bankrupt when you or your kid gets cancer. Then we continue to make college less and less accessible — and more and more costly , when American people are already tapped out. Especially the people who need college the most.

Do we understand the kind of change we would see if we just changed one of those things? For example , making college low cost or free. That would make a huge impact on our society. In so many positive ways, and yet half of the American people laugh at the idea.

That isn’t stupidity , that is cruelty.

America is a set up for failure. We expect people to live lives that are totally unfulfilling and stressful and people will become wonderful human beings with an ability to love each other and reason. We are failing not only on an economic level , but on a human level. America is not filled with wonderful people that make you feel good and you can have long stimulating conversations with. America is filled with failing humans that reflect the failing state and unfortunely those humans are also the ones that are most likely to support the state because they don’t want to look at their moral and mental and emotional failings as a human being. So they offer blind devotion and loyalty to a system that has created them.

It’s a cyclical cycle and it won’t ever end until we make this system address our poorest and take care of and invest in,it’s citizens before corporations. When we funnel money back into the people — that is the only way we will ever recover or any nation in the world has ever recovered from chaos and ruin. We have to invest in our humanity again. Before we get to see humanity flourish . Before people will be strong enough to be wrong. Strong enough to know , they might not have all the answers and maybe could learn something .. if they remain teachable.

That takes emotional strength, not mental prowess.

America has everything backwards. We have to invest in us, again.

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