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True … and I agree.

I think what made trumps statements different than being open or talking about taboo things, is because of his entitlement to women, his objectification of them as sexual objects , and the way he talked about basically sexual assault.

Now, I’m not an alarmist. But there is something really fucking slimey about a man bragging that he grabs women by the pussies. Random women. Also referring to a woman that refused his sexual advances as a bitch?

It was that arrogance and that oh, idk… he was talking like a teenage boy who has never had sex. He is a narcissist obviously. But for an adult man, who is educated, who is a father and a husband ? No.. that’s not typical.

Just like if I’m in a relationship, I’m not going to talk like that out of respect for my husband or boyfriend … it would be insulting to them and degrading if I spoke like that behind their backs. That’s part of it too ..

Who does that? The sleaze bag people. Immature or uneducated , stupid, low class. Sure. They do it. But the man running for President ? Really? Why? When there are so many better men with higher character around?

Its this weird thing man… it’s like become cool to not prize character or integrity now.. I mean I look around and I see so many pussies. I don’t mean like tough guys or macho men… I mean like men afraid to be a good man. Men too afraid and confused about what is being strong .. men that don’t prize having a higher standard of character … men that dont stand up when they should or want to. Men that dont know how to be better men.

Its a shame because despite what thE feminists say, it’s a mans world in so many ways still… I’m not sure if it will ever not be. Men don’t realize how important they are, how much we need them to be good guys. How much they affect the people around them. How much we look to them to be examples and for approval and self worth. I would argue that the father is the single most important person in the young woman’s life … for self esteem , self worth. Self respect.

We need you to respect us. We need you to stand up for us. We need you to demand that women are treated better, no matter how she acts or what she is wearing — or who she sleeps with or doesn’t… we need men to be men that show us .. it is vital .

Men are our powerhouses … they are where we go when we are scared and sad .. they calm us, they reassure us. They shelter us and protect us. Make us feel safe or very very afraid.

I wish more men cared about that… about people really. About all of us. Children, women, all of us look to you in some way, to show us we are worth it. Worth treating well.

Many people would deny this up and down but its not true… there is a program in us, some unconscious thing , need, years and years and years of time built up within us , to look to men.

I think its just a part of our heart… really. We need that … I don’t know… respect, from who we innately respect or look up to. We need to have that reassurance from men. Because we cant shake that well ingrained belief or instinct to look up to them. Look to them.

Oh the feminists are going to have a field day with this.

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