The Real Thing Part 3
Danna Colman

Trust love…

Love is the one thing ,

the one thing that doesn’t change on a dime.

Real love, at least.

Real love stretches the miles, it closes the distance, it doesn’t know time.

Real love rests calmly in your chest and is ever present … never fading, it is always at ease.

Real love doesn’t fear.

It doesn’t have to, because nothing can touch it .. nothing compares to it.

Real love smirks at competition..

Love is so sure of itself; it is in silence.

The only thing that can end two people together that love each other is

A lie.

Fear wriggles it’s way in and then the lie begins..

You have to become willing to be hurt.

I pray, when I love like that,

“ Make me willing to be hurt”

When I do, everything is ok.

Try not to worry too much..

because if you have this love inside and out for you , even if it goes away, it’s never gone.

I think I lost my fear of death, when I first fell truly in love .

I had had it all. I found out what it was all about … the meaning of life. I didn’t need anything else. I knew that there was nothing else I needed. Nothing else to experience.

I had it all.

It’s that powerful.

Everything else is fear.

Remove your ego,

Remove your fear -

What’s left?

Only love.

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