The same Jesus that whipped the hell out of the heathen merchants in the temple?
Apollo Mohammed

Well, Islam has Abrogation, which is an something that scholars study for years.

Muhammed contradicted himself, and he changed his view on war and violence dramatically from his beginnings to his end.


Well we have to look at the timeline of his life.

At first he spent fifteen or so years in Medina , trying to convert the Jews .. This is why you will see some peaceful verses towards Jews and Christians. Also verses about fighting offensively. Also the original way Muslims prayed to , was to Jerusalem. He had a small following of about 100 barbarians. The Jews though, wouldn’t budge. And Muhammed was evicted. His first wife died and he had no means to support himself. He becomes a bandit. And promptly changes his views on fighting and non Muslims , I think because of the humiliation and also he was counting on that financial support.

Here I should address what you said about jihad. This is a typical excuse I hear a lot. About Jihad. That it actually means to “ struggle” yes. And struggle also means to fight and if jihad didn’t mean to fight physically than why when the blind and lame man asked Muhammed if he had to also participate in “jihad” Muhammed excused all blind and physically disabled people from jihad? I mean , come on. Jihad not meaning war or fighting is just not true. We know he is talking about bloodshed when he is talking about bloodshed. And a lot of the violent verses he does use the word struggle, meaning fight hard.

He changed his views so dramatically ( specifically to — fight and kill and take all the property of all non Muslims if they do not submit to Islam and pay the humiliation tax) and his followers were alarmed , because this was entirely different than his previous teaching — which was exactly what you stated it was.

Muhammed told them that if the prophet contradicts himself , then the things that he contradicted are now to be abrogated. Which means void. No longer true.

So, the verse of the sword, which is pretty famous, abrogated all his previous teaching and that is a conclusion that the majority of Islamic scholars have come to. I also agree because Muhammed repeatedly says the same things over and over again. His last revelations were the ones he told everyone were the truest. That’s how you are supposed to study Islam. There is no doubt in my mind. And obviously a whole bunch of other people from Islamic countries that have to study the Koran and Hadith and live by them. I think it’s also very obvious when you read it. Very simple to understand what he wants to be true and not.

His message that he continues to pump into the Muslims is one of violence. That killing people is the most holiest thing you can do as a Muslim. His message was that one because he was a warrior. He was a really talented war strategist. He led Islam through many victories , the problem is , of course that only one of his battles were fought defensively. Islam almost conquered the world. In fact, the crusades was a response to Islam sacking Jerusalem. And many parts of Europe and the rest of the world.

This again, is not a comparison to the bible.

Jesus got angry at the merchants yes. But there is nothing in that verse that condones violence. See in Christianity, we do not look at what Jesus did ( his actions) and strive to repeat them, or make them legal, and lawful. Like for example, it’s not legal to whip a market place. Like it is in Islam. That’s not a behavior that anyone interprets like that.

We see it as Jesus resented the profiting off his lord. The mega churches , the people that take money in exchange for god. The bible is full of parables. Stories. It’s a history book. It’s not a model for society.

Jesus’ words also were a continuing ring of peace, of non violence.

Turn the other cheek if someone hits you. Forgive them as many times as they hurt you. He who has sinned cast the first stone. On and on. So we know what he believed in. It was love, and truth.

Muhamemd on the other hand needed an army of bandits. He needed money and he is quoted as saying his job is “under my sword and the war booty and tax of the non Muslims” meaning- he was a bandit and used his sword and killed people for his money. Forced them to give them their money or he took it. That is another clear message of his.

Non Muslims have no right to their property or their lives.

This actually is is proven to this day. It’s very very hard to go to an Islamic country, but if you do and you are not a muslim, you have to pay a tax for not being Muslim and submit to all of their religious rules. Or you get killed. You will also be killed for preaching your religion. Or trying to convert people to a different religion.

As far as ISIS not being Islamic, prove this to me and tell me one thing that they have done or do, that Muhammed himself did not, or did not say was ok to do.

Your stats on Muslims sound legit. But they also end up making more people than the population of the USA that are devout and therefore radical Muslims.

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