I would also just like to point out that the rejection of sharia is quite questionable.
A Ennis

Well , the reason I think we need to prioritize non Muslims in the Middle East is because they are the most prosecuted by Muslims. Or ISIS , the threat of “radical” groups of Islam . I think after that, women and children. Because they are the biggest victims when it comes to Islam. I guess I could agree, that when it comes to terrorism, no one in particular is a priority, all are. True. I just think as far as refugees and the crisis of immigration. I think that if you have ten people wanting to get out of the Middle East. The non Muslims are probably in the most danger. Because ISIS is going to follow Islamic law. They are not supposed to kill other Muslims unless the Muslims refuse to submit to their rule / sharia law or if they are attacking them. They are not allowed to rape Muslim women, or turn them into sex slaves. So technically a Muslim is safe with ISIS. I think living under sharia rule is horrible but again, this IS their religion and they choose it. So it makes no sense why they would have a problem practicing their religion. To me.

Fleeing your religion seems kinda ridiculous to me. Because it’s your religion, it’s what you say and claim to believe in. If they want to leave Islam? They are in danger. The punishment for that is execution in Islam.

I get it that there is a war there , but I think it makes more sense for the Muslims who lost their home to go to an Islamic country For refuge than the west. Because we kinda have to prioritize and funds and hardships and all of the variables involved.

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