The weird thing is…
A Ennis

What is most hilarious about this is that I am probably one of the only women that can say

Ive punched every guy who ever grabbed my ass.

Ive written diatribes to every motherfucker that ever sent me some repulsive sexually inappropriate thing on line

Ive never sent nudes to or accepted them from strangers. Or almost strangers.

Im kinda known to be notorious for writing what I actually think on medium to the chagrin of many.

Ive never ever been sexually harrassed without making a huge fucking scene.

Ive gotten in more first fights than anyone I know or have known.

(Never thrown the first punch though.)

I love to shoot guns

I have never experienced a pay gap.

My cousin was the first female fighter pilot. Ever.

I curse like a sailor.

Ive had more sex and one night stands than most of you. ( and not ashamed to admit it. )

I don’t believe in the word slut.

I didn’t wear make up till I was in my 30s.

What I’m trying to say is I’m the last person that anyone would ever accuse of being I don’t know how to say it- not a feminist. Not an empowered woman

In fact I think that its kinda bullshit we expect men to change the world and cant even stand up for ourselves.

We cant punch the dude that grabs our ass at the party..

I can and always have.

What I’m saying is.

If you think being an empowered woman has anything to do with cooking or cleaning or wearing make up,

You’re so wrong.

So off base.

It has absolutely nothing to do with housework. Or parenting.

And maybe that’s why it feels so impotent. Because it is.

Being an empowered woman has everything to do with how much you respect yourself. With not being afraid. With standing up for yourself and demanding to be treated with respect.

For not using the lame excuse

I’m afraid I’m going to get hurt if I don’t put up with sexual harassment

Its being sane enough to tell the difference between sexism and everything fucking else.

Its not seeing predators in every pair of pants.

Its not taking everything personal and being entitled to more respect and appreciation than you’re due.

Its not expecting the world to do it for you.

Do it yourself ladies.

If you want to be treated like equals that is far different than being treated like princesses or damsels in distress.

In fact it’s expecting you to not be princesses or damsels in distress because the reality is you’re not either.

Don’t wanna cook? That’s fine but don’t expect a man to do it for you.

Its funny reading how women love it when dad cooks. That is so hypocritical … being a feminist means not turning the tables and forcing anyone to do what you expect not to.

Its funny reading how we want men to magically change and stand up for us when we are too afraid to.

Ive never been hit back by any one of the dudes that I punched for grabbing my ass ..

You know why?

Because predators prey on the weak. 99% of the time they are going to pick off the weakest of the bunch.

Yes I don’t believe that women are never responsible and either should you if you’re really a feminist. Why do we get off the hook ? That’s not equality.

When you make bad choices , bad shit usually happens.

Be accountable. Be responsible. Don’t expect anyone else to be when you’re not.

Ive been physically attacked one time … but it was standing up to a racist at a party .. an ex convict who thought he was tough being racist.

Maybe that’s why I don’t trip on all this vapid bulllshit that has nothing to do with anything at all…

Maybe that’s why Ive never felt like I live in a sexist country..

Or experienced a pay gap because I demand to get paid.

I have never felt like I was bound and tied because I’m not…

And maybe that’s why when I asked a bunch of guys why they don’t treat me the same way they treat other women, they said

You’re just not a victim
You would kick our ass if we tried
You’re just different

Try being really strong … try being not afraid to ask for what you want and know you deserve. Try stopping the party and breaking assholes shit when he grabs your ass. Try being ok with respecting men .. and treating them like they are more than walking talking penises there to serve you, and your every need.

Being a feminist is being an empowered woman and believing that woman are empowered and empowering them.

That’s me.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I find most women completely lacking in the empowered department and blaming men for it on top…

I was raised as the only woman in my entire generation of family. All brothers all boy cousins… maybe that’s why I don’t hate men.. or understand they’re not going to be women, ever. They are totally different beings. They’re supposed to be.

I just … this whole fight against the stigma is so futile .. cooking and cleaning is meaningless … taking care of children is a privilege.. it’s got nothing to do with not being an empowered woman and your lack of insight into that is comical… it just shows how far we are from equality… we don’t even know what it is. Or isn’t.

I don’t believe that most of the women screaming from the rooftops are even brave enough to actually say what they are thinking .. or to go home with the guy you wanna fuck. Or to dance on the table tops. Or to admit what you really think about something , not giving a shit if It makes you look bad , or especially anything that won’t be met with the approval of the crowd.

Being a truly empowered woman looks a lot different than most feminists have shown me.

An empowered woman doesn’t wait for anyone else to empower her and doesn’t need anyone’s else’s approval to be herself. She doesn’t expect other people to change for her or change for others. She accepts total responsibility for herself and demands the same from people around her. She is shameless. And not afraid… maybe only afraid of the consequences of lying to herself and not being free to be who she is, and what she believes in.

There is so much counter action in this area… I think if women truly started empowering themselves, they would see and feel completely differently.

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