I find this article offensive in nearly every sentence.
Rick Fischer

Why is that offensive?

It’s the reality.

We came, we saw , we conquered and enslaved and raped and subdued.

The most horrid part of it all is that America didn’t really effect any serious change till the 1970s.

But we are soooo far behind every other country as far as diversity and amends for the sins of the past . Besides maybe South Africa. But that’s not a good thing.

I think white people need to sit back, and close their eyes. Imagine yourself on a slave ship, headed to America in chains.

Then let’s say, you can see the future … and revolt is pointless. Because being black, means you’re going to be subdued for centuries in America — you have no recourse. Except to die.

I want you to think of any excuse in your head that justifies your thinking .. black people are violent. Black people are angry. Black people are not educating themselves or moving up the socioeconomic ladder —

Think of one excuse that white people are not directly responsible for.

Violence? Who taught them that?

Anger? What do you expect from abused people ?

Lack of motivation? Again you see this with any PTSD or traumatized people ..

Ok so you say America isn’t prejudiced anymore. Let’s pretend that is true.

You have generations of black people that have been severely abused , traumatized and these people are raising their children , the destruction and trauma gets passed down the line. Just like in our families or the families of the holocaust survivors .. the trauma continues , it is learned. Why?

Because in order for anyone to heal from a gross emotional injury , it takes a change in environment, it takes. Patience. It takes validation. It takes amends.

It takes so much more than America has done.

Sure we have some diverse spots. The west coast for one. But the south? The south is still segregated. The mid west? Ever drive through Arkansas with tattoos? It’s scary when you’re white.

More than that though, white people don’t want to look at their part or their responsibility in every single problem that black people have today and that they complain about and justify their selfishness with.

Even lack of father role models. We took their babies out of their arms , for centuries and we taught black people to be parentless. We forced that on them. Do you really expect people to suddenly change into something positive after that?

And why do you need black people to act white ? Why do you need people to be you? Why do you need to be able to relate with a person first before you treat them with dignity and respect ?

You’re blind and incapable of relating with people that are a different color than you are if you don’t see what I am saying.

That is also called racism.

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