Why Trump IS the Establishment .

Most of us, have become mystified and terrified while watching Trump continue to win in Primaries across the country and top every Poll.

If you’re anything like me, you are reading and watching the news cursing God and vowing to move to another country if Trump gets elected.

I have actually had panic attacks directly related to Trump.

Probably most of you aren’t as bad as me, because most people don’t know as much as me. I’m not saying I’m any kind of Political Expert, or Academic, I’m just slightly more informed than the average American.

I know this because , well, I hate Trump, and at least half of you don’t.

Side note- I also tend to enjoy a lot of online debate , commentary and in general discord. At least if it’s about the state of the nation.

In all my interaction with Trump supporters , there seems to be two common denominators with them.

Every single Trump Supporter I’ve seen is wildly ignorant about almost everything having to do with our country. The other constant of course, is that, they don’t really want to know.

If you’re anything like me, these types of people are abhorrent. Is there nothing worse in the world than willful ignorance? Turning a blind eye to meaningful, important or new information?

This has become Americas Achilles Heel.

Times have changed.

Drastically .

I’m not sure whats to blame, but I’m positive that it wasn’t just cable tv and budget cuts. American culture is a peculiar thing.

Take The Kardashians. . Or Trump. They are just a symbol, of what is happening here.

But I’m getting off track.

It’s all leading up to my point .

I don’t think Trump would have gotten very far anywhere else , except Russia and Brazil. ( that was a joke. But seriously. We really don’t want to have too much in common with those countries)

So here comes Trump.

He isn’t brilliant.

He isn’t upheld as morally ideal. He is a shady Businessman. Claiming Bankruptcy more than once — getting rid of his debt while simultaneously keeping all of his assets. That’s a real crooked move when your assets equal billions of dollars worth of houses and cars and buildings etc etc. He has a terrible haircut with a bad attitude and a couple wives in a row that were his Mistresses first.

He isn’t a good public speaker. In fact, I don’t think we have seen such a poor public speaker since George W Bush . He stutters. He uses vocabulary and vernacular more familiar on the playground than in a debate forum. He throws out insults like my 5 year old nephew.

In short, he is an Idiot, and all of us know it.

I 100% believe that even his supporters know it.

Here’s the pinch.

That’s why they like him.

We could delve into armchair psychology over it , like my friends and I have a few times, or we could just assume that Americans have gone down the toilet.

Sure there are a lot of reasons for that too.

Probably the biggest one though? Is that we are angry.

Why are we angry?

We are angry that the cost of living continues to rise , in fact, more than one of our cities is on the most expensive cities to live list.

Yet our wages continue to go down.

Minimum wage was actually higher in 1968, then it is now.

Every industry in America , has seen job loss. Higher paid employees are being replaced with part time employees. Or lower wage workers. Our wages have been frozen now for a few years. ( no one is getting raises, except for the big guys)

I guess what first happened was banking deregulation.

The first time we deregulated the banks was in 1909. Of course the same thing happened to them as it is to us, and the Great Depression saw the banks regulated again, minimum wage started ( at $2.38) and welfare programs were established for our poor. Oh wait. The economy blew up. Our middle class was born. America was doing better for everyone , than it ever has. People were able to make living wages and big homes and take care of their families ( unions had a lot to do with this too. Thank you Jimmy Hoffa) America was Great for the next 40 years . The greatest nation in the world.

In 1979, was when it all began again. The banks wanted more money. So they decided to pass laws that allowed them to have no caps on interest charges ( up till then, every kind of interest had caps or limits. No one could charge more than 8–12%) they also wanted to be able to charge whatever they wanted for a late payment fee.

So Congress said ok. We will let you do that. And if you can get a state to pass those laws and you build your headquarters in those states, then the state laws will apply to all your other offices , no matter what state they are in.

One of the fastest ever bills to pass into law — legislature was introduced and passed the very same day — Is when North Dakota passed those laws for the credit card companies. Of course that’s why every credit card Is based in states that have those laws to this day.

I won’t go into every law after that , that was passed that eventually did us in.. Suffice it to say, Elite Financial Fraud is totally legal now. One of the biggest misconceptions Americans still have is that this is a democracy.

This is not a democracy.

America is what you call an Oligarchy. Thanks to our Senate and Congress who made it legal for a Big Business or a Wealthy Individual to buy them out.

Not only to buy them out, but for the Lobbyists who works for the Wealthy Person or the Corporation to actually write the legislation that they want introduced , pay off our Congressman and Senate who then drop it in the hopper. That same lobbyist will have made sure to enlist as many Senators as they need to get whatever it is passed.

Technically, and also to keep this from public scrutiny, they have made it so theCongressman or Senator actually is employed by the corporation — and legally on their payroll. Wealthy people can just make Campaign contributions too. With the promise that whatever they want, the Senator or Congressman to vote on , they will. This is all perfectly legal folks.

That’s why after Sandy Hook, and now with more than half the country wanting gun reform , we can’t get it. The NRA for example , paid 30 million dollars through lobbyists to 48 Senators to prevent gun reform. They spent another 15 million on ruining candidates who supported back ground checks.

This is just one example. Of many.

That’s also why in America we have the lowest standards on chemicals in our food, and in our things like couches and baby bottles. Laundry detergent and carpets.

That’s also why when the EPA tried to ban asbestos , one of the most lethal chemicals , Congress wouldn’t do it. Millions of people are dead because our Congress care more about money than if we live or die.

The increase we’ve seen just since 1999, in things like autism, breast cancer, childhood brain cancer, breast cancers in young women and men, genital birth defects , infertility, fatal birth defects, leukemia, antibiotic resistant bacterias like MRSA, and cancers in young people are unbelievable . It’s not the vaccines people. It’s the chemicals.

But American corporations have the most money. And they don’t want to spend more on our health and safety , so they pay to not have too.

Remember NAFTA? Another Republican idea to “create American jobs”? Do you know what happens when we lift the taxes for free trade with countries like Mexico?

Why would a greedy CEO pay American workers $28 an hour when he can get Mexicans to do it for $3 an hour? Tax free? Employment rates have gone down 30% since then. Over 300,000 American farms have foreclosed. A few more consequences of NAFTA: ( I’m going to quote this article http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/nafta-at-20-one-million-u_b_4550207.html

Such outcomes include a staggering $181 billion U.S. trade deficit with NAFTA partners Mexico and Canada and the related loss of 1 million net U.S. jobs under NAFTA, growing income inequality, displacement of more than one million Mexican campesino farmers and a doubling of desperate immigration from Mexico, and more than $360 million paid to corporations after “investor-state” tribunal attacks on, and rollbacks of, domestic public interest policies.

They fired US workers and moved operations to Mexico, contributing to middle class’s pay cuts, and a qraudrupling of illegal immigrants entering the USA.

NAFTA’s actual outcomes prove how damaging this type of agreement is for most people, demonstrating why NAFTA should be renegotiated or terminated. The evidence makes clear that we cannot have any more such deals that include job-offshoring incentives, requirements we import food that doesn’t meet our safety standards or new rights for firms to get taxpayer compensation before foreign tribunals for laws they don’t like.)

Donald Trump has talked a lot about those Mexicans that have tidal waved since NAFTA, building a wall, but strange silence on NAFTA. Why?

Because he is exactly the man who benefitted from it.

The laws that we pass now are all funded by lobbyists and they’re all funded by the wealthy and Big Businesses. To increase profit.

And we have .

American Corporations, Big Businesses and the Wealthy are making more money than they ever have . In large part due to the laws they have personally created to suit them and create profit at our expense.

How else do the largest corporations in the United States get away with paying zero taxes yet getting trillion dollar refund checks?

Bank Of America? Paid zero taxes and got $1.9 billion dollar refund

Taxpayer bailout? $1.3 trillion.

General Electric paid zero taxes. Got a $3.3 billion dollar refund.

Taxpayer bailout? $16 billion. Jobs sent overseas since 2001? 25,000.

These are just a few of the many disgusting examples of Ameican Politics now.

At least, the best example of who they are working for.

How about when the Congressional Republicans introduced those “Right to Work Laws”? Remember them, being hailed as a way to make sure every American had a job?

“”We are creating American jobs”. They said.

No. They were not. Again, what the Right to Work Laws actually were , were the right for companies and corporations to not hire Union Employees , or contract with a Union.

See, in the old days, when you went to work for a Grocery Store, or a Hospital, you had to join the Union. Unions gave us higher wages, better benefits, sick leave , time off, you name it. The Unions gave millions of people a living wage, and made it possible for the Grocery Store Cashier to take care of a family on her pay.

Unions were costing Big Business and Wealthy Businessmen like Trump money. So they worked hard to eliminate them.

And they did in half our country. 25 states enacted Right to Work laws. In those states incomes have dropped on average 13%. Who in their right mind would do that to themselves?


The very same assholes who are voting for Trump , claiming that he is “Anti Establishment”

For any of us that have the slightest clue what’s going on, that makes for a hearty chuckle.

Trump is the epitome of what destroyed this country and what is leading to our ultimate demise.

He is the only one benefitting from this system, and you really think he is gonna change it for you?

He wants to eliminate the EPA… yes that agency that makes sure our water isn’t poisoned by Corporate pollution. Or that Corporations can only emit a certain level of toxic substances into the air. The EPA oversees every single industry that Trump is involved in. The EPA is our friend and the friend of any endangered species that might be kicking it on a lot of land where trump wants to build his next casino and can’t because of it. If we lose the EPA, our standards on everything from Construction to our Food Supply will go down. I did already mention that we had the lowest out of all first world nations?

They can actually sell you meat off of a diseased limb. Right now. ( that’s another topic. Suffice it to say I hope that Round Up tastes good in your cereal)

Trump Supporters are Sadists who “don’t want free stuff. Don’t want to pay for yours either!” Of course these are people who think they pay for food stamps and welfare ( you don’t . Those are federally funded programs) and think our welfare programs are a HUGE problem and cost lots of money.

Our Welfare Programs make up 4% of our budget.

I also find it hilarious that these same people who are so overly concerned with hungry people eating could care less about Verizon getting a $705 million tax refund while paying no taxes.

( Verizon also had one of the biggest job layoffs , letting go of over 13,000 people that same year )

They think Socialism is Communism.

They have no idea that America is the only country in the world that makes you pay for healthcare.

The thought of getting free healthcare sends them into hysterical fits.

Even though socializing healthcare would cut our national debt in half.

They seem to be super savers only when it comes to the Super Rich and the Biggest Corporations in the United States.

They are totally fine with the wealthy getting “free stuff”.

Just not us.

They rant on and on about North Korea and China ( that’s a joke)

Meanwhile , in Socialist countries , no one gets free stuff, which is what makes it so fucking ironic.

In Socialist Countries if Suzy the Waitress gets a speeding ticket it’s gonna be fined according to her income. Probably around $20. If Donald Trump gets the same speeding ticket, it’s gonna cost him about $20,000. In Socialist Countiees everything is income based . Housing, bills. No one gets free stuff. They can just afford their lives. For all you Asshats out there who don’t like free stuff, and want to work hard for your money, doesn’t that make a lot more sense? Shouldn’t the richest of us pay more taxes? Instead of the middle class, who currently pay the most taxes if you factor in income to tax ratios? In fact , in America , our Wealthiest get the best tax breaks.

That’s a whole lotta hypocrite going around.

Right now, America makes the most money, but we

Work the hardest

Get paid the least

Work the longest

With the least amounts of time off, sick time, paid maternity leave, benefits, pensions and retirements

We are the fattest ( food standards , remember those?)

Take the most anti depressant and anti anxiety medication

Pay the most for healthcare

Have the highest crime rates and prison populations

Have the highest rates of poverty and homelessness

Out of every first world nation in the world.

The Wealthy and our Greedy Politicians are NOT our friends. They’ve been conning us for a while. How much longer are you going to believe it?

We have made corruption legal in this country.

We need a revolution and so far, the only Canidate to even bring up Citizens United and the elite financial fraud is Bernie Sanders.

At this point , if you don’t vote for him , you’re either insane, stupid or very rich.

Wake up America.

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