Medium’s Membership Deal: All I Can say
Mike Essig

Yeah i got “invited” too.

Couple days ago, I read this really dramatic and emotional article on getting invited by medium to pay them money every month… more of a poetic advertisement ( course, we are dealing with writers here , and they well could have had an emotional breakthrough / creative epiphany having medium ask them to pay.)

After having read this A-MA-ZING reaction this person had to the invite ( he even said he would have underlined everything in the invitation if he could have ) I was sort of expecting nothing short of marvelous …

And then I read it.

Yeah, so, medium wants money.




The fact that it’s medium and you write on it doesn’t make that any different . The fact that they don’t advertise or “want you to get lost on the site all day scrolling” (?!?) doesn’t make that different.

I was just happy to see I could keep using without paying.

It’s slightly frightening how much people are affected by this. Like on a visceral level.

Geez.. come on.. people.

It’s gonna be alright!

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