Er… epic?
Augusta Khalil Ibrahim

Yeah… Sweden is now the rape capital of the world . In Germany , just the past year they’ve seen crime rates rise 60%, Denmark- I’m not sure what the actual numbers are but the crime rate rose far higher — I mean why do you think they’ve passed these laws? Just because they’re prejudice? I’ve been to Denmark too, I think people in America mistake honesty for racism a lot. I think Danes are more honest. More authentic. I do not believe there is a racism problem in Denmark. It’s laughable.

The problem I think that people have with Denmark is that , like many countries in Europe they are not sensitive to people’s sensitives and they don’t talk to people to appeal to their egos.

They’re a different humor and different culture.

In America , I think people are over sensitive. We expect people to appeal to those sensitivities and to our egos. We are known as one of the most superficial societies in the world because of it.

I think actually Denmark is one of the least racist places . I really do. I think Europe and Scandinavia and the Netherlands are a lot less racist than America for example.

It’s just in America everyone is fake. Expected to be. They are overcompensating so that people don’t think they’re racist. But that’s not not being a racist. It’s being hyper aware of someone’s race and walking on egg shells around them because of it.