Mental health: Children raised by single moms are more likely to be on ADHD medication and are more likely to need professional treatment for emotional or behavioral problems (see here and here).
Why Feminism Wants to Dismantle the Family (long)
Nikita Coulombe

Yes but I think this is because the parents are so stressed out and don’t understand why their kids are not listening or obedient- they have a greater need for obedience because they have to be at work on time, they have more things to do and take care that don’t involve the children… most of them have normal kids that don’t have mental issues but they don’t know that. They think there is something wrong with their kids and so they take them to the doctor to get them to act right . To be more obedient. Ive seen that more than anything else … is parents with not enough exposure to children that had kids and dont understand that children are hard. Children are shameless and children really can’t be obedient.. unless you want to scare them which isn’t healthy. Most kids are wild and free as they should be. The real factor though motivating the parents is either their own embarrassment at their kids behavior or their ideas about how a kid should act and also the ease of which to raise them. Meds help. Control their children and sedate them.

Parents — the majority of them can’t stay home with their children because they will be living in poverty. America has been run for several decades not with the best interest of the people in mind. It had been run by the wealthy, for the wealthy and corporations to prosper and the rest of us to pay. The cost of medical insurance for a family is more than a one bedroom apartment. A pair of kids shoes $50. Organic food if you cook food every night ? $1200 a month. At least.

It’s a combination of several contributing factors why raising a family in America is a shit sandwich.

Why parents are not staying home to raise kids is so much bigger than feminism ..

Remember Donald trump didn’t pay taxes for 20 years ( either did Verizon ) but my husband pays a third of his paycheck to taxes. How did that happen?

We are the only country in the world where you will go bankrupt and lose everything if your child gets a disease like cancer . Or if you do.

It’s unheard of to work two jobs in Europe … child care costs in France for example ? $190 a month. America just isn’t a good place to raise a family or really to live unless you’re wealthy. Or own a business. And we are seeing the effects of our policy everywhere.. everywhere.

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