There are countless accounts of survivors of sexual abuse carrying their secrets with them, allowing the pain to fester and their fear of retribution to overpower their desire for justice.
As the Mother of Sons
Alaura Weaver

Yes, survivors as children.

In some ways I disagree with some of the stories about sexual harassment lately. For example , one that really rubbed me the wrong way was the most recent allegation against Charlie Rose.

This grown woman, drives to his house after hours and says she “cried the entire time he had his hands down my pants.”

Let us imagine for a moment , a grown woman; who is successful and tenacious enough to be sitting with Charlie Rose, drives herself willingly to his residence after work hours and somehow gets herself in a position to be making out with the guy, and then —

Instead of getting up and leaving when things got uncomfortable

Instead of moving away

Instead of saying stop. Don’t. No.

Instead of drawing clear boundaries for herself,

Stays seated on a couch, with a man who wasn’t violent, or agressive or holding a gun or knife to her head, and cries, while he touches her.

Come on…

That is the biggest load of horse shit .

Some of these stories are obviously contrived, because least of all they make no sense whatsoever.

And yeah. It really doesn’t make sense for a woman to not report sexual harassment. It just doesn’t. No matter how you slice the cake.

A lot of women did report it and got no help. That makes sense.

But to not report sexual harassment of this magnitude as an adult — really invalidates you.

Why? Because it’s another part of not liking it. It’s what people do when they have been harassed.

If you don’t report it, guess what?

It becomes a night of the woman just not having the ball sack to tell the truth, not having the courage to say no. And yes. That happens more often than I’ve seen men harass women in my experience.

Coming forward years later and saying he abused me or raped me or harassed me, is just not honest.

Men are not mind readers.

And if women don’t want to get touched and hit on by guys. They need to present that. Right away.

Not because all these men are predators .

But because most people suck. And human nature is to go after what you want. I’m sure the more successful the man the more he knows that.

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