Racism is alive and well here
Augusta Khalil Ibrahim

You know Denmark had a very liberal immigration policy before a years ago.

They were one of the most welcoming countries to immigrants , esp after 9/11.

But what happened when the flood of Islamic immigrants came?

That’s the question , the real question. They have had bombs, arsons, murders, shootings, assassinations, child bride problems, honor killings, rapes, riots. Crime rose in epic proportions ( before they were one of the countries with the lowest rates of crime) .Muslims have tried to implement sharia law in their neighborhoods.

They just got sick of it.

These new laws are about the effects of Islam on a western society. In America we don’t keep up with the news over there but if we did , we wouldn’t blame them. I think soon many countries will be doing the same exact thing or much worse or better for them — depends on what way you look at it.

Islam just isn’t compatible with modern society. Western culture. It’s ruined more than one country over there. Look at France. Italy. Norway, Sweden. Belgium. Now Germany.

They made a big mistake and now they see it , slowly but surely.

They don’t want to be seen as racists and the more they allow that to affect their decision making the more they will be throwing their countries away.

These places are very clean, very safe. Non violent. Very liberal. Not religious.

Islam is just … its Islam. Everything they are against. And they are everything Islam is against.

Europe will probably get totally taken over by Islam in 30 years when all these Islamic families and there 8–10 kids grow up and will be able to literally take them over by just voting. If they don’t do something now, it’s going to be a much much worse mess in the future and some countries are already too far gone, like Belgium. And France.