“Engagement marks the end of a whirlwind romance and beginning of an eternal love story.”

During your engagement, you are not just exchanging rings but promises as well with your soul mate. It is a commitment of dreams, love and feelings.

The engagement ring is an incredibly powerful symbol in the wedding jewelry industry. And when it comes to expressing your love through a ring, what else can be more special and attractive than a DIAMOND.

It is not just a piece of jewelry that you pick up from a jewelry store; it is an important asset one cherishes throughout his entire life. It has to be special. It has to be trendy.

Let us have a look at the best and recent engagement rings trends prevailing at the present time:

· Floral accents: These engagement rings embrace blooming patterns with floral designs of flowers, petals vines etc giving a capricious touch to the overall feminine appeal.

· Colorful diamonds: Fancy and colored diamonds are simple way to stand away from the crowd. Yellow, pink and various other available colors give a total non-traditional look to your complete personality. To give a bolder look to the ring, you may choose brown or black diamond easily available in the market.

· Square bands: Square band engagement rings are totally sleek, comfortable to carry and won’t pinch or squeeze your fingers. They are most preferred if you wish to go against the standard norms of buying round diamond engagement rings.

· Colorful gems: If you are considering having a colorful stone in your ring, a diamond can be replaced by sapphires, for that matter. There are several other options like rubies and emeralds which will give a classic vibe to your ring.

· Princess cut diamond: It is one of the most classic cuts of diamonds. Affordable and as beautiful as a solitaire, this princess cut diamond has shown its re-emergence. A perfect alternative for round rings, the notable quadrilateral shape of the princess cut requires extra care.

· The rose gold: A rosy shade is something that goes well with all feminine skin tones. This trend is the reason pink gold has made a huge comeback in diamond world and is appreciated a lot.

· The mini side stone: Love the idea of side stones but nervous of extra cost? Here is a solution.

We have a way out within your budget. Small diamonds clubbed together to form an illusion of a three stoned diamond ring can work around your budget restrictions.

· The oval cut: The greater surface area of oval cut styled ring makes it appear a bit larger than other diamond rings settings of same carat weight. Something that makes it unique and popular altogether.

· The geometric designed diamond: If you are looking for a bold designer ring without the frills of intricate details, opt for the magnificently designed geometrical patterned diamond ring which will help you make a statement.

Keeping above choices in mind, feast your eyes on the latest and greatest sparklers available in the market. Above all stop wondering about the traditions behind engagement rings and try opting for something new. You will feel elated after choosing a perfect ring for your partner. Because it is not just a wedding ring, it is a promise ring.

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