Good kid

The truth of your current reality is the heart of the monster you fear. We sit in the mist of uncertainty with unlike minds filled with insecurities and doubt, asking/praying for our outlet.

We were lied to.

The certain path for what we desire would be absolute if we do what we believed could provide riches. This same belief has been molded and cultivated out of every fear before your thought of existence.

We fail and we will always fail. We succeed, but the reality is that we all will falter. The stresses of what we are being influenced by have no true substance.

We met a kid the other day while feeding those less fortunate and his confidence to show he had nothing shocked the world. His confidence to admit nothing was right, but he was okay drove fuels of heartache and resistance to any ignorance. This kid was our future and he knew he would change the reality we know today.

How can we say we are going to change the world, when we forgot that we too were suppose to help praise the good kid? We were all born for our moment to change the world, but never forget you must die in such pursuit. Never forget and never lose wonder.