So you’re thinking about traveling.

If you don’t know by now, my name is Allenii and I have decided to pursue the traveling path right out of high school.

Not even two weeks after my graduation, I flew from my home state California to an amazing place called Europe.

I had little money, just one backpack, and no one over there to save me if I needed help.

Today, I have started an online business that is currently paying for my traveling, I have made connections all over the world, allowing me to stay for FREE if I want to. I also discovered my passions and desires in life .

Who am I and why should you trust me?

That’s a good question. I am only 19 years old. I graduated high school last year with a C average.

While my friends are going to UCLA and Boulder to study Neuroscience and Mechanical Engineering, I decided to skip college and start my life the way I want.

I have a different opinion about school than most.

To be honest, I believe it is a complete waste of time.

Now this is not for everyone. My friend who wants to study Neuroscience can’t just look up stuff on the internet and be a “self-taught” doctor or brain surgeon. It’s just not how the world runs.

For me, skipping college was an easy option because I realized that I do not want to join the work force. I want to create films and images from around the world that inspire people to get out of their day to day habits and start living life the way they want.

But with an adventurist life comes great responsibility. Since I am always on the road, I do not have time for a regular job. Instead I have to find and create opportunities that will generate enough money to pay my phone bill and plane tickets and places to stay.

I actually enjoy this process greatly.

I enjoy creating money from nothing.

Since I was young, I have always been starting businesses (some successful and some complete disasters).

My third year in high school, I was making about $30k/month with one business I had started two years prior.

I am not here to brag about my accomplishments, instead use them to inspire people and allow them to realize anything is possible.

I am definitely not the smartest person and have no college degree to prove anything.

I am only 19 years old!

If I can do it, then you can too.

If you would like to hear more about the different businesses I have started then let me know.

Now back to why you should start traveling!

  1. Motivation To Be Successful

Traveling motivates you.

Why you may ask?

For me, traveling really opened my eyes up to what my life could potentially be. By hitchhiking all around Europe, I met many different kinds of people. I met millionaires that started out just like me and I also met people barely getting by with the 9–5 job income they had.

I saw the two different paths I could potentially take. This really motivated me to start a business and create a source of income that would allow me to travel freely.

2. Traveling Shows You Your Passions

High School was a rough time for me. I am not talking about bullying but instead I felt like I wasn’t going anywhere.

School took up too much of my time and I did not have the free time to try new hobbies and see new places.

As high school was coming to an end, I realized I had no clue what I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing.

Last minute, I decided to take a gap year and travel. This was by far the best decision of my life.

Traveling showed me how much I love photography. What is the rush for college? To give yourself one extra year to decide what you want to spend the next 40–50 years doing is not unreasonable and has been the best decision of my life.

It has also matured me greatly. I feel like my mind aged 20 years by traveling alone around the world.

3. Making Connections Around The World

I think this is the most important reason why you should start traveling. It is not just about seeing cool things but about the people that you meet.

This was a bike race in center Madrid (sorry for the low quality!)

The people you encounter while traveling are so awesome and welcoming. I made friends in every country I visited and now those connections are always here for me. If I want to travel to Germany then I can call some of my friends there and have a free place to stay.

It is also cool to have people come visit me.

I love the social part of traveling.

It has definitely changed my perspective on the world and how I approach strangers.

My whole life I have been told that the world is a dangerous place. Not once did I feel like my life was in danger.

I hitchhiked most places too!


Traveling is one of the best choices I made. It changed my perspective on the world and how I want to live my life. I highly recommend traveling to anyone that is thinking about it. Traveling motivated me to be successful and really pushed me in the right direction. Traveling also showed me my passions and what I want to do as a career. The connections I made around the world will always be here and I have created friendships that will last forever. Traveling changed my life and it will change yours too.