Its funny.

The snow has now melted in Tennessee, but I can’t help but reflect on the many blizzard related posts on social media.

The one thing that I find amusing is how everyone (myself included) is almost insecure about the fact that we still, in “adulthood,” find so much joy from this most peculiar type of precipitation.


  • “Even though I’m an adult now…”
  • “Is it sad that I still enjoy the snow like I did when I was 8?”

It’s funny that we have to question that childlike state of awe.

The simple truth is that we DON’T have to question it.

Becoming an adult merely means that we take on a healthier amount of responsibility, so we shouldn’t mistake or even correlate responsibility for/with a lack of enjoyment. For whatever reason, our minds love to make the association with the two.

Then again. It’s also funny how our minds work; Isn’t it?

Is it the danger that comes with the snow?

There definitely is danger in these harsh weather conditions, but this danger brings along wonder and adventure with it.

Its the concept of risk and reward.

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” -Helen Keller

The snow has become such a tremendous blessing to me personally. It has made me realize the importance of wonder that we put aside as we become “adults.” I hope it’s done the same for many of you.

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