A Lost Soul…

“Don’t move” says a woman. She presses the cold muzzle of the weapon onto my neck. I chuckle.

Who am I? That is the question that drove me to lose myself in the world. I have been on an endless mission to explore. To discover my real self. I left home some months back with $300, a camera, my very precious laptop, and a peanut butter & jelly sandwich. How did I get into this dilemma? Even I can’t remember.

I am currently residing in a rusty old shack in Arizona. I started out in New York. That should tell you more than enough about how my “adventure” is currently going. A bug runs across the floor as I open up the fridge. I quickly stomp it out and clean my shoes off, careful not to get my hands dirty. I go back to the fridge. What was I here for again? Oh yeah. Nothing. I literally only have a couple of cans of assorted soda in my fridge and a half eaten frozen pizza. I grab the pizza and throw it in the oven for 15 minutes. I grab a can of Coke and lay down on my sofa. As I pop open the fizzy drink it spills on my hands. I swear quietly and grab a napkin, careful not to drop any of the sweet nectar onto my laptop. Suddenly there is the roar of an engine outside. Funny, nobody really comes down around here. Is it the cops? My heart pounds hard for a few seconds until I realize that I’m clean. Why did I get so scared? I quietly chuckle to myself and go to the window to see who it is.

A beautiful red and black lamborghini awaits my eyes. The thing is gleaming in the sun and isn’t covered in a single speck of dirt. One of the most beautiful cars I’ve ever seen. It hurt my eyes to look at it since it was so shiny, but I quickly avert my eyes to look for it’s driver. Funny no one’s in the driver’s seat. I should go out to investigate. With caution I put down my Coke can on the window sill and dash to the door. “Quiet now” I whisper to the groaning door. It really needs oil doesn’t it? Mental note: Oil the door. I shut the door as quietly as possible and slide down my patio. Weird there is no one in sight. “Hello?” I yell. Nothing responds except for my echo asking me the same question back. Interesting. I calmly stroll over to the car. It’s absolutely beautiful. I attempt to run my hands over the hood like they do in those old films, but I nearly burn my hands. Bad move.

I glance in the passenger’s seat. Weird. There are some magazines and a laptop. I flip open the laptop screen hoping I could find out who the owner was but I don’t have any luck. It’s dead. I attempt to turn around when I hear a pistol cock. “Don’t move” says a woman. She presses the cold muzzle of the weapon onto my neck. I chuckle. For the first time in a long time my life seems to be getting interesting.

This “short story” or whatever you want to call it was very spontaneous. This whole thing was written with no editing/revisions, just me quick typing one word after another and seeing what I can come up with.