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Security Token Exchange “ALLEX” contributes to the development of the STO market.

Even in the modern times when new industries such as blockchain and AI are born, when start-up companies want to start new businesses, they often run out of business funds.

In particular, many venture companies and small and medium-sized enterprises have a vision that they want to realize, but their business cannot be realized due to the time it takes to raise funds.

In addition, there is a problem that only a limited number of investors can invest in listed companies because the required amount is large. And here is a potential investor problem that has lost investment opportunities due to lack of funds.

Recently, it has become famous for small-scale investment methods such as cloud funding and social lending, but more people are trying new business and more people can participate in investment. Realization of the system is required.

As a solution for that, we are working on the development of a security token exchange.

Security tokens enable companies to raise money using the token economy, and even those who have not previously participated in investments can make small investments.

We have been developing security tokens in Japan since our inception, conducting verification experiments on transaction processing speed, and aiming for mutual development through the sharing of technical information.

Our goal is to apply blockchain technology to securities transactions in the future, and we are developing a proprietary standard for security tokens in Japan.

connect world by blockchain technology
connect world by blockchain technology
Connect the world by Blockchain technology

Our wonderful development team is made up of experienced blockchain engineers and numerous fintech engineers who are engaged in a wide range of businesses in the real estate and financial fields due to their advanced technical capabilities.

In June 2019, we formed a business alliance with Rare Earth Asia Technologies, a Philippines company, and established a joint venture to operate the security token exchange.

This is ALLEX. You can exchange everything at ALLEX in near future.

We are in talks with CEZA of the Cagayan Special Economic Zone Agency in the Philippines and Standard Capital Co., Ltd. is continuing its efforts to expand the STO business.

Our mission is to contribute to the development of the security token market and explore the synergies of various businesses. We aim to create a better business environment and a continuously growing market.

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