Pactera Consulting Japan and Standard Capital agree on business alliance in STO consulting business

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Standard Capital Co., Ltd. and Pactera Consulting Japan Co., Ltd. have agreed to a business alliance for the STO consulting business in response to the growing need for security token offerings (STO).

Global expectations for STO in venture finance and asset finance are increasing, but the current situation where legal development has not caught up and lack of understanding of STO in the market has led to stagnation of new market needs.

However, if the use of only the convenience of procurement and the lack of soundness is rampant, the mechanism will result in market loss.

For this reason, it is important to understand the laws and regulations and technical characteristics of each country, and to build an STO utilization model based on convenience and safety.

This business alliance was realized based on the common recognition that a high level of consulting service is required regardless of the industry in order to achieve the sound development of the next generation financial market.

We aggregate consulting know-how to insurance and securities, such as insurance and securities, that Pactera has long cultivated, and our know-how that has been specialized in financial blockchains that are expected to grow significantly in the new Fintech field. By doing so, we aim to spread financial services related to blockchain.

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We are working to create the world’s first security token standard. Beginning with ST issuance, management, settlement, and related operations.

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