Toward the opening of the world’s first security token exchange center 🎉

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Standard Capital and Capital Social have formed a business alliance to open a security token exchange and center in Chile.

In Chile, the Valparaiso Stock Exchange was abolished in 2018, and we are preparing to open it with a view to the Security Token Exchange as a new stock exchange.

The Valparaiso Stock Exchange is the oldest stock exchange in South America, and Capital Social wants to contribute to the future development of Valparaiso, a historical symbol, as a center for financial markets in South America as well as Chile. We are working on the maintenance of laws and regulations with a view to the future of South America.

As a Japanese company, Standard Capital wants to develop and contribute to SMEs in South America, and in close consultation with local companies, legislators, ministries, etc., this partnership is a bridge between Asia and South America. Aim to become.

Standard Capital will provide the security token exchange (ALLEX) system and blockchains such as J-FTA and JP20 (ST20) to quickly and safely establish a security token exchange in South America.

Standard Capital aims to provide infrastructure for security token exchanges not only in Chile but also around the world, and serve as a bridge between them.

In this alliance, we will work toward the world’s first security token exchange center.

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We are working to create the world’s first security token standard. Beginning with ST issuance, management, settlement, and related operations.

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