30 HealthTech Startups with Real Potential to Change the World

How many people do you know in tech who say that they have an idea for a company that is absolutely going to change the world? It’s great to aim high, but nine times out of 10, you hear the idea, you nod, you give words of encouragement. You do all of those things to show that you’re a good friend, but we all know what you’re really thinking:


Disrupting the refrigerator is not a game-changer. Designing the perfect app that gives you the optimal path to work that would give you the best possible workout — nice, but no cigar.

On any given week, we see literally hundreds of startups here at AlleyWatch. We probably should have been VCs; who knows — maybe one day we will be. In the course of at looking at all of these so-called game-changing startups, there are those that do stand out. Those true disruptors that actually could change the world for the masses and/or help to in some way improve the lives of those they touch.

The innovative companies that are saving lives, changing lives, bucking the odds, and changing the game are only a slide away…

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