30 VC Gatekeepers in NYC that You Must Know If You Ever Want a Shot at Funding

Is there anyone in the startup community who can’t name at least five VCs off the top of his or her head? We see them on panels all the time.

What about the associates? You know, those people who are out there sourcing new deals, building a pipeline of deal flow. Performing due diligence and thus, contributing to whether or not your company will get funding.

It’s important to get to know who they are. They’re the ones who are vetting you and your company and deciding whether or not you’ll get to the next level.

And once you’re in, they’re the ones who will be helping you and tracking your performance.

You might have seen some of their faces around town, and good to put a name — and bio — to it. Today’s associate may well be tomorrow’s partner.

Meet 31 New York based analysts working in venture capital right now. They’re the gatekeepers with their fingers on the pulse and their hands on the purse strings.


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