The April 2015 NYC Venture Capital and Angel Funding Report

Today we take a look at the state of venture capital and angel funding during the all of April, both in New York and nationally. Analyzing some publicly available data from our friends at CrunchBase, we break down the national aggregate statistics for all funding deals by stage of funding (Angel/Seed, Series A, Series B, and Series C+).

1 Minute Takeaway: The overall funding was up 42% in NYC in April from March levels While early stage funding doubled with 21 deals in NYC, Series A funding is where much of the growth took place which was largely influenced by Oscar’s mega round. Series A funding in aggregate rose nationally as well 68%. Series B activity nationally hit the $1B+ mark and increased over 50% in NYC during April. Following March decreases, later stage activity (C+rounds) took another hit from March levels in April and were down in aggregate 34% nationally with a slight downtick in NYC activity. Overall, NYC startups a total of $673 billion in April — a health way to start the second quarter of 2015.


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