A Medical Interlude

100 Day Challenge: Work Out Like a Writer

Reasons I didn’t want to work out today:

  1. I’m sick.

That’s pretty well the end of that. I have a cold. I am the worst when I have a cold. You remember the old TV commercial with the sick man in bed asking Pam to call his mom? That’s me.

Maybe I’ll feel better tomorrow. Hopefully. Then I’ll go for a lunch walk, I think.

A (not) workout haiku:

Pam? Pam? Can you call
 My mom and tell her I love
 Her and dad a lot?

100 Day Summary 
Day 8 — Does walking to get more Kleenex count? 
Minutes today — 0
Total minutes — 270

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Allison Temple is a romance writer, cat lady, and couch potato from Toronto. You can find her online at Facebook and Twitter.

Originally published at allisontempleblog.wordpress.com on November 15, 2016.