Down for the Count

100 Day Challenge: Work Out Like a Writer

Here’s why I suck at being sick: cold meds are worse than being sick for me. They make my head spin, my stomach squeeze, my joints ache. So being sick is like this arms race between being too sick to function without meds, and being too spacey to function with the meds.

Don’t believe me?

The one and only time I ever took NyQuil, I swear I was unconscious before I was fully horizontal. Twelve hours later, I woke up, staggered downstairs where my family was already up and about. I lay down and spaced out on the couch. The TV was on. I didn’t pick the channel. I stared at the screen. Maybe I drooled a little. Twenty minutes in, I realized that I couldn’t understand what the people on the TV were saying.

I was so high I had lost the ability to understand English.

It took a good fifteen seconds of panic before I realized in fact, I could still understand English. I just couldn’t differentiate it from Hindi apparently, which was what they were speaking on the TV. In my haze, I had missed that the TV was playing a random Sunday morning Bollywood marathon.

Drugs are bad kids.

A non-workout poem

There once was a woman with chills
 She drugged herself up to the gills
 She slept the whole week
 No Hindi does she speak
 Now pass me some more of those pills

100 Day Summary 
Day 9 — Typing this post is probably the most activity I’m going to get today Minutes today — 0
Total minutes — 270

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Allison Temple is a romance writer, cat lady, and couch potato from Toronto. You can find her online at Facebook and Twitter.

Originally published at on November 15, 2016.