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Today I will tell you about a new promising ICO project called Soma (“Social Market”).

So what is Soma?

Soma is a decentralized social marketplace operating on blockchain technology!

At the moment, the Internet space is a large set of commercial Internet sites, with an impersonal trade by different goods. Soma is a new innovative social platform for Internet trading, which provides an opportunity for social interaction between users and elements of this platform: the opportunity to mark the product or the seller you like; you can share your opinion with you followers; leave feedback about them and much more, in the best traditions of modern social media platforms.

To stimulate the social activity of users, there is a system of incentives for users who bring social benefits to the Soma community. Socially useful user actions will be rewarded with SCT tokens (ERC20) which are Soma’s domestic crypto-currency. Imagine the situation that you are a platform user who desires to earn some money and with a lot of followers. A seller who wants his product to be presented to the widest possible public (to be maximally advertised on the platform) forms an advertising task and establishes the reward for solutioning the task in SCT tokens. If you can fulfill the conditions of the task you receive a reward. Just do it!

Particular attention should be paid to the patent model of interactive item cards (IIC) implemented on the platform. IIC is a kind of embodiment of a product in digital form. IIC will contain all information about the items being presented on the platform in the chronological order, for example, information on price changes, change of owners, feedback on the quality and social value of goods in the Soma community.

By using the Ethereum blockchain technology and the system of smart contracts, the security of data transmission and the protection of IIC from fraud will be ensured.

To facilitate the work with the platform, deposits can be made in any convenient way whether it is a credit card, PayPal or bank transfer. The prices for the goods will be presented in the fiat currencies, however, all payments within the platform will be made using cryptocurrency (BTC, SCT, ETH) primarily SCT.

The resume:

1) The social marketplace Soma uses the capabilities of the Ethereum blockchain technology, so I believe it is more competitive than any other traditional trading marketplaces.

2) Social marketplace Soma is adapted for all users of internet, so it will attract their attention.

3) Social market Soma is a unique innovative project that provides protection of all transactions and individual data of users of the Soma community.

4) The ever-increasing popularity of the platform and the growth of the Soma community will help expand the scope of application and acceptance of the SCT token.

P.S. The development of the project is at the final stage, the application is now being tested as a closed alpha version. I invite you to become an active member of the Soma project, which will have its ICO at the end of October 26 at 15:00 GMT.

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