10 Healthy Foods You Should Take Each Day

During my college days, I was a major junkie even if not a severe one But I still used whatever I could get my hands on, instant noodles, cookies, cakes, sandwiches, any kind of bakery foods. My love of eating was one of the reasons I would eat anything and wasn't picky as long as it tasted okay. Not that I disliked fruits or vegetable but it was a difficult task to take upon oneself to carefully prepare a healthy diet. Later, after I started going through some researches related to my work, I realized I was wrecking my own body with my own hands just because of a few moments of leisure which don’t even count. Even though I had all this knowledge before as well but there are moments like that as well, when you get to realize what you know and since then I am always getting better and better.

Healthy Foods don't have to be boring or bland, you just have to know the basics about what your body needs and what is healthy. Make your own combinations, incorporate those basics in your diet as you like. I am always shifting my dieting plan according to what I want to eat, just by a little amendments can one figure out their best plan that you as well your body will thank for.

Here’s a list of all those ingredients that are defined as the besties that should be by your side every day taking care of your body well.

>> Blueberries

>> Oats

>> Beans

>> Yoghurt


>> Garlic

>> Olive oil

>> Broccoli/Spinach

>> Cinnamon

>> Eggs

All of the above comes in the top ten list because of their high levels of certain vitamins, minerals or proteins along with their anti fungal, anti oxidant, antibacterial, anti inflammatory properties or some of the other very useful properties. Every person have their own data and they must figure out what they need more according to the signal their body keeps sending in different ways.

Snacks are the most easy way of instilling above elements into our diet which are also the main cause of how we end up eating much more than we should or eating the wrong kinds of food. You don’t need to fix your cravings of snack, if you encounter it with healthy foods. As for me, a snack of a bowl of yoghurt with blueberries or any such kind of fruit with flaxseed sounds like a good option any time or it may be a boiled egg with spaghetti made in olive oil with broccoli, doesn't it sound nice……ah I am going to have another helping.

The more, the better…

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