A Little Taste of Welly World

Sometimes you just need to run away from your life and fly south, if only for a few days. Balancing school, horses and something that resembles a social life isn’t easy on its own, let alone fitting in a spur of the moment trip. But sometimes that’s just what you need to reboot and come home motivated and ready to take on the world yet again.

Day 1: Eat food (on the patio!), nap, repeat. Soak in the sunshine, tour around and look at all the beautiful farms you wish you could afford. I love the southern architecture with all the clay roofs and bright colours. Palm trees and immaculate landscaping are icing on the cake.

Day 2: Get up at a somewhat decent hour, in the rain, and head to Stillpoint to visit my coaches Nicholas Fyffe and David Marcus (covered arena’s are a blessing). It was great to see them doing so well with all the horses as well as seeing friends working with him doing so well on their own horses. I also was granted the pleasure to see Robert Dover teach and learned lots, as always. I also really enjoyed listening to David and Nicholas teach and have new ideas to bring home and work with my own students. I was also pretty excited to buy my first legal alcoholic beverage (Angry Orchard, typical of me).

Some things that were said/done in the arena that caught my attention;

  • How important it is to keep the horse with impulsion, desire to move forward on his own. With this energy you can then collect it but you have to have something to collect.
  • The walk is as important as any other movement so remember to work on it as you would anything else. Using 6–7 walk poles to keep the horse with large steps then continue on with that feeling.
  • Always make yourself useful and pick up manure from the arena

Day 3: Slept in a little then made my way over to Adequan Global Dressage Festival for a day of watching Grand Prix riders. Thankfully AGDF has a lovely covered arena that saved me and everyone else from the downpour. I was very excited to hang out with Jan Ebeling and his crew again and see how well Rassolini is going! Canadian riders did not disappoint, Evi Strasser, Brittany Fraser, Jackie Brooks, Megan Lane, and Karen Pavicic. It was also very nice to hear the Canadian anthem ringing through the speakers at the awards and a huge congratulations to Belinda Trussell and Anton on their win! It was also great to see some fellow young rider’s supporting out athletes as well and get a chance to get caught up on how they and their horses are doing. So many amazing horses and riders, I can’t wait to get home and ride all my horses just like that. (I may be a little ambitious but I’ll try).

Dressage horses or driving horses ^?

[PS: It was pretty cool that there was a real espresso bar at the show and we need to have one of those at the shows at home… New business idea? “Hot coffee for cold riders on hot horses” — potential slogan? Call it theChestnut Mare (get it… because they’re hot?). I don’t know, I’m open to suggestions and a potential business partner.]

Day 4: Last day in the (not so) sunshine state and it finally stopped raining but was unfortunately still cloudy, I’m not complaining though because it’s by far better than snow. Spent the morning at the show again, outside this time. I am very impressed at the footing at AGDF and how it handled the rain, not a single puddle today. In the morning I watched the CDIY and saw some amazing tests! I loved where I was standing because I could watch and learn from the warm-up ring then shift my glance and had a perfect view of the competition arena. Did a little shopping and found a killer pair of black and flaming breeches I can’t wait to wear in the saddle. Maybe it will make my seat on fire and I will be able to sit like Juan Matute Jr? Goals. I then watched the national PSG and hung out with Jan again. Tonight I fly back home to the thankfully not too cold weather inspired, thawed and ready to take on the world yet again.

Until next time Welly World… Stay awesome xo

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