Preparing kids for careers that do not yet exist. creates uplifting family-friendly startup events, usually in public libraries, where children and their accompanying family members enjoy direct interaction with startup founders and products. We are getting ready to explore how parents, educators and policy makers could use the lessons learned from, which has showcased close to 100 startups to young audiences in 10 cities across America. Through a free-wheeling conversation, conference delegates will be encouraged to engage in soul-searching to identify ways in which communities can join hands to get future generations prepared for careers that do not yet exist.

Insights from the conversation will help us make AlligatorZone even better for our kids and teens. @SXSW is taking votes at for our submission. Hope to see you in Austin at SXSW Edu 2017, and hope you see AlligatorZone’s discussion at SXSW Edu 2017.

Our Learning Objectives for SXSW Edu:

  1. Learn if we can indeed prepare kids for careers that do not yet exist without teaching them in the conventional sense.
  2. Learn how to come together as a village to raise kids for acquiring skills and a mindset that will help them surf unknown waves towards fulfillment.
  3. Collectively come up with a checklist for communities to develop as resources and infrastructure as a career support-system for kids and youth to use.

Meanwhile, if you are going to be in Silicon Valley on Saturday, August 27, 2016, sign up and take your young family members to meet the founders of BioCellection and Nickel at the King Library in San Jose, CA. Here’s more information:

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