Redesign for login

A year ago, I was tasked to build the mobile version of an admin for car sales agent. It’s purpose is for a sales agent to view an assigned lead to them and attend to a potential buyer’s inquiry.

Sales Agent Interface

One section of it is the login. It was the last part I built because Igot excited with the main sections. In fact, I didn’t put much thought in to it. Just did it how I often see them on other websites / apps.

The problem with this is when an error occurs on either of the fields, the user needs to input both details again. Which is tedious and frustrating.

Now, I want to address this issue and make it easier for the users.

First screen that the user will see is the Username / Email input. It’s similar to what currently Google Mail uses. I decided to go with this because the user can focus on one item at a time. If an error occurs, it’s also easier and quicker for the user to address it.

User login

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t need passwords. But we live in reality hence, a password for an account is needed. The next screen will be for that. included a show option to minimize the chance of making a mistake. We all know how tedious inputing a password is. Especially when you cant see what you’ve just typed.

In the event that a user makes too many attempts, the account will be locked. A small but needed security measure. A message will be displayed first notifying the user of what will happen if he/she reaches the maximum number of tries.

Lastly, the interface for forgot password. The user will have to enter their email to be able to reset their password and access their account.