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Gebaude: Design case study

An overview of our process as a design studio

Gebaude is a formidable company in the construction industry. A general contractor for residential, remodeling, institutional and commercial structures. They have in-house architects, interior designers, project managers, and certified subcontractors. Making sure that all works are built with quality in mind.

With this, Gebaude wants to update their brand identity to reflect the company more accurately. Also achieving business goals along with the rebranding.


Identify and understand the problems behind the company’s business goals. This is one of the highlights of our process. It would determine the design direction, user experience, and ROI of Gebaude for the rebranding. During this phase, the team talks to key decision makers and those who face clients directly. This is to understand the company from all perspectives.

Business Goal: Get a higher revenue by closing more deals.

Part of the problem is that, the marketing assets and website, are outdated. It’s been used for the last 10 years and the company has evolved since. It no longer reflects the company accurately. This often leads to potential clients being doubtful and unable to see the capability of the company accurately.


Redesign the client facing marketing assets and website. We went through what areas, in their process for closing a deal, is client valued. From there, we rebuilt the design of their brand.

Brand identity


After understanding the company better we built the design direction. We first determined a few words that can best describe Gebaude and used them as a guide.

  • Environmental
  • Reliable
  • Efficient

Then we decided on the brand colors and typeface.

Design guidelines

From here we simultaneously build the visual brand identity and website. Here’s what we did:

Logo ratio
Full mock up

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