All In Station — A brand-new home for blockchain and cryptocurrency community in Vietnam

All In Station

Over the past few years, the global technology and finance has experienced the dramatic development of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Being one of the greatest breakthroughs of Industry 4.0, blockchain benefits many different fields and takes positive effects on our life. As technology continuously develops, people need to adapt to these changes.

In Vietnam, blockchain and cryptocurrency have quickly attracted the attention of those who interested in financial investment and offer new career and financial prospects. A blockchain and cryptocurrency community has been formed and widely spread thanks to the development of the online social platforms. This is a chance for people to share knowledge, experience and learn from others. We acknowledge the importance of making such community real to connect people in an interesting and trustworthy way. We are trying to ‘unblock’ blockchain and cryptocurrency and brings values from every aspect including the atmosphere, people as well as knowledge.

All In Station is established by those who are passionate about blockchain and cryptocurrency at Insight Group. We are the pioneers and we have a thorough understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrency community, particularly in Vietnam. We set up a more interactive environment than the existing online one that still has limitations. This is a special meeting point where members can actively interact and also a destination for investors who want to explore blockchain and cryptocurrency. We aspire to contribute to the development of blockchain technology in Vietnam and make Vietnam one of the leading blockchain centers in the world.

All In Station believes that with a cup of coffee, sharing is much easier.