• Corrected of Japanese string translation error on web page

  • We added PDF reader functionality that enables you to view the converted PDF files without downloading them. The converted PDF files can be also downloaded.

Dear Allinpdf users,

This is my first time writing on this blog to express my deepest gratitude to you for your continued support of Allinpdf. I am also very delighted to take this opportunity to share the exciting news that we have recently been invited to participate in a Rest API development project, a meaningful milestone in our growth that will widen Allinpdf’s applicability. We plan to intensively work on this project until next May, but we will do our best not to allow our participation in this project to delay or interfere with the regular maintenance and any necessary update of Allinpdf. Again, thank you very much for using Allinpdf.

Merry Christmas!

  • Optimizations on user interface
  • Improved conversion process, higher availability
  • Processing of PDFs was improved

  • HTML-to-PDF conversion automatically reduces the size of the web page when the web page is wider than the PDF page

  • Fixed a bug where common.dll::Convert was generating a small amount of garbage memory
  • Fixed bug in cache service when duplicating records

  • Docx to PDF Error -Object reference not set to an Instance
  • The line format isn’t corrected display on the PDF
  • Docx to PDF -Text Missing
  • Docx to PDF Error-Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  • Xlsx to PDF Error - Vertical text bug

  • When PPT converted to PDF, the document has glyphs missing in embedded fonts error
  • “Length can’t be Zero” exception in HTML2PDF
  • Table breaks into new page when there is still available space
  • Zero default tabstop position is not supported well
  • Docx To PDF : System.ArgumentException: Invalid index in Cells indexer
  • Docx to PDF conversion problem — fixed table cell does not retain format
  • Docx to PDF : Table Layout and Text Strikethrough Problem
  • Text Justification sometimes lost when converting from Word to PDF
  • Html Table breaks incorrectly

HTML2PDF — exception is thrown for nested table
Common — index in Segments indexer Exception

Allinpdf web site renewal open !


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