Currently struggling with understanding if I want to be read by more people or not, Heather.

Hi Sam,

I actually never made the connection between the number of followers and a need to increase my content. I write when I am compelled to by my head. I actually really enjoy so many terrific writers on here, and I am perfectly content to recommend & highlight others’ work without feeling like I somehow have to compete with them.

I write for myself; the fact that some folks are moved to respond or recommend or highlight is just icing on the proverbial cake. It has been intensely gratifying to hear from others who can connect with what I have gone through, and those who are supportive of my recovery from a severe depressive episode, anxiety, and alcoholism, and the effect it has had on my relationships.

Finally, I would note that the writing I do here is my heart. It doesn’t pay the bills with dirty paper, but it is allowing me to stay out of the rabbit hole and tend to the job that does.

Life Is Beautiful!