Heather, don’t you think you’re being a tad harsh?
Jack Herlocker

I’m sure that there are those who think I’m a little insane about it, but I truly believe that he probably has molested kids. And he linked to that perv website in his piece. And he got shitty about me in his email, objecting to my tone. Well, as I said in the piece he objected to: I never asked any of the three males who sexually assaulted me if they were kid fuckers as a rule, or if it was more an opportunistic kid fucking. All I know is that it fucked me up; I’ve written extensively about it and my recovery — ongoing — from it. Suicide attempts; alcohol abuse; disordered eating; cutting myself: harming myself in every way I could. To escape the memories. I will tell you that last night was really bad for me. I felt extremely dark. I was hospitalized (committed myself) this summer. Last night wasn’t that bad, but it was very close. I waited until today to write about it. I think I probably let him off easily, TBH.

And look, I am not actually talking about kids who sexually assault other kids. I once wrote a 5-part news series on that very thing, and it’s much more complicated. The dynamics are completely different, and there are very few children who are actually pedophiles. Their brains work differently, they have different boundaries, etc. My rage is directed at adult men who circle jerk to their perceived virtuosity because they “only” fantasize or talk about it with each other. Because I simply do not believe that they don’t hold back; I believe strongly they probably let their hands or gazes linger too long on the children they encounter. And that is sick and wrong and they know it.