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It really startled me. And after the gun nuts wouldn’t leave me alone? I was just … tired. What really struck me was when I replied that I actually had been raped as a child, and he said good. Well, I really lost my shit. I went back at him & IDd him as a pedophile and he kept coming back and coming back because I’m sure he thought I would just block him. But I looked at his account and it was just filled with bitter and vile vitriol against women, so I wouldn’t back down. He ended up telling me “bye” because I was so “stupid.” Nah: I won. His account was suspended. 💅🏽 I’m sure he will probably be back as some other miscreant; trolls like that cannot stay away for long. I was happy that Twitter acted quickly, tho not in response to me. Another woman reported him (possibly more than one) for what he said to me, and they emailed her. I still haven’t heard back, but I’ve a small account, only about 600 followers. In any event, I won’t engage every troll, but I won’t back down when it’s appropriate. Twitter and Medium are my only social media accounts and yes, like you, I write memoir so it’s a gamble. But it’s one I’m willing to take.