Oh Hai Twitter Public Policy and Julia, from twitter, Potato, Potaoe, Tomato, Toma — Oh Fuck off, @Twitter

Twitter seems to have a bug up its little bluebird ass about me, and I have no where else to vent, except here. SO, thank you, Medium

I have a sharp tongue and a foul mouth and I loathe the fake orange BLOTUS which, in some twatter employee’s world, is apparently a trio of awfulness who should be shut out of the conversation. My main account, femmesunafraid, had about 8,000 followers, while my backup (which shall remain unidentified) had/has about 2K. The femmes account was dealt its final death blow in April, though my pinned tweet survives:

This fucking country, the USA, has gone utterly and completely batshit mad. April 11, 2017

My previous tweet asked Mein Drumpf if he needed a diaper change, because he was tweeting (as all fine world leaders do) about the Georgia 6th District race, and I was afraid he just might have been shitting his size-62 pants. My other tweets were pretty standard stuff. I called BLOTUS an irredeemable monster (BECAUSE HE IS), and tweeted/RT mostly stuff about politics. Oh, I did post a gif (complimentary of twitter which has included in its free service a handy little gif file for its users!) of #nazialtreichscumsuckingtroll Richard Spencer being sucker-punched, and I noted It’s a #greatdaytopunchanazi. Mostly though, I tweeted a lot of New York Times and Washington Post articles, and stories from Mother Jones, The Atlantic, The New Yorker, and their amazing writers.

The day before the death-knell of that account, I was being harangued by a Nazi, and I invited it to come at me, as it was pretty clearly a sister-fucker of the highest order. I tagged in Twitter’s support account, and asked them why they were allowing the so-called alt-riech boys (and they are boys) to use the platform to organize violence against Berkeley protesters, and oh by the way, Why DID twitter have two Nazi gifs in its gifs file? In fact, I tagged support a number of times.

Welp, when the account was suspended a day and a half later, I got my answer:

And so Twitter Public Policy doesn’t like to have its Nazi tolerance pointed out by an account with 8,000 followers. In fact, some of the scummiest, most vile hate-speech mongers are verified by twatter, which is totally fucked up to me, but hey, it’s their private little platform, so OK.

>>>>>>>>>>Here’s their favorite Nazi!

In fact, twatter loves its vile, high-traffic accounts, like A*n Cu*t**. Also, did you know you can’t spell cunt without her name? True!

Or this delightful little jagoff from the UK, who hates transpeople. Twitter thinks that’s swell, and has no problem letting him spew his hate under its coveted verified checkmark:

Oh, and verified washed-up actors!

Jimmy HaventHadAWoodin forever also RT THIS #MuslimHate:

Anyhoo, I had been warned by the twatter at various times about my language and had lived through several suspensions so I had definitely toned back my sweariness, even though my femmes bio clearly stated I was ‘really sweary after 10 p.m.’ and I mostly held up my end of the bargain.

So I started to use my backup account, which was private most of the time (and surely will be going forward) but not always. I was on it for a week or so and some trumprick started coming after me, calling me a cunt over and over and of course I reported him, but nothing happened, so yes, I did tell him to kill himself after he suggested I swallow a bottle of xanax. Guess what? I was suspended the next day, because of course. In fact, before my suspension could even BEGIN, twatter made me delete four tweets: including one in which I asked support for its help in getting the guy who was calling me a cunt, off of my back. That’s right:

I get called a cunt, ask for help, and had to delete the tweet asking for help before my multi-day suspension could even begin.

Delete the evidence of asking support for help. Makes total sense. Especially in light of the fact that support did in fact suspend that guy for calling me a cunt.

Way to go in supporting women, twatter!

So, I started another account, because I really do like twitter. I enjoy watching news in real time and engaging with people of similar views. During President Obama’s tenure, I never felt scared out of my fucking mind that the WH is filled with Nazis (oh hai sebgorka!)/people are going to die because their healthcare will be destroyed/we are about to engage in a nukes war/our water, air and earth are being destroyed for money. Nope! It was a pretty serene time, politically speaking, except for that whole “There’s-a-Black-man-in-charge-so-the-fat-old-white-boys’-club-known-as-the-GOP-will-obstruct-his-every-move” thing. I mean: the campaign was awful but I didn’t literally wake up of a morning with a feeling of a.) Surprise! because we’d lived through the night without Drump and his North Korean doppelgänger lobbing nukes at each other to show who has the slightly bigger ego, and b.) dread because who only fucking KNOWS what the orange menace will do to this country in furtherance of money and power and ego. Oh and also c.) Under POTUS44, I never once felt threatened that my child’s future wasn’t a virtual certainty.

I can’t say that now.

I mean, I literally can’t say that, and that is fucking terrifying. Also, I literally can’t say that on twatter, because my THIRD account was suspended today, shortly after I posted a 6-second video of me flipping off the cover of today’s NY Daily News, which featured that greasy, deteriorating, demented, slimeball, its lying mouth twisted into a pucker resembling an anus. I didn’t actually include Blotus in the tweet by “@”-ing him, I simply posted it. About 10 minutes later? Suspended.

I know some of you may be thinking:

“H-dog! Get a grip! It’s only the twatters. Move on!” Or maybe, “It’s their platform, their rules!

I actually agree with this logic and in fact I have toned my language way down. I don’t say cunt over there, even though LOTS of celebs and other verified accunts do. I will often say ‘eff this’ instead of ‘fuck this/you.’ I frequently respond to regular people who appear to be dumber than a box of rocks by addressing them as Ma’am or Sir before politely pointing out their absurdity though, to be clear if you’re a Drumpf kid who shoots elephants and lions in a park and call yourself a ‘big game hunter/conservationist,’ I am in fact going to mock you, even if I don’t call you a cunt, which you obviously are.

But it is clear that I am being targeted: my minor accounts get automatically suspended. It makes me worry: Twitter has called me from Romania to un-suspend my little accounts:

After the 4th call in 15 minutes? I blocked the number. This may explain my suspensions except EXCEPT I now use a VPN app; in theory? Twitter shouldn’t see where I’m coming from.

Look. I think there are a LOT of people with tin-foil hats who are deserving of blocks. But it is clear that someone at @Twitter @Jack has it out for me. And it sucks. We are in 2017: communication is done by social media. So when a nothing person like me is shuttered for having opinions, who adheres to the TOS, is shut down for following/spreading news/opinions of libs, while Nazis, alt-reichs, true haters, racists, are not? Be worried.

Please. Be worried. ✌🏼