Thank You, Women Writers

Very quickly: Thank you all so much for the great response. I have added dozens of writers to Femmes Unafraid, (which, shorthand, just happens to be FU ;) and posted three new stories (i.e., not mine, lol) today. I am going to write a newsletter in the coming days, but I just responded to 250+ emails and I am tired.

I am touched and amazed at how many wonderful women writers want this: from teenagers to grandmothers and everywhere in between. I am so excited to do this shared journey.

I have emailed Your Friends @ Medium about the policy surrounding posting in different publications. I am very hopeful that if you publish something on FU, and you want to later submit it to a different publication (for whatever reason! that’s your business!), Medium rules will allow it. Your voice, after all, belongs to you. That is it for now. Hugs and peace to all the supporters!