Twitter Troll Trigger Alert

another classy meninist

So, that happened Tuesday night. That pleasant little cumdumpster, someone who doesn’t know me, doesn’t read me, wouldn’t know me if he passed me on the street, felt perfectly fine telling me that he hoped I would be raped.

This ugly came at me as I was mostly tweeting about the poignant #EmptyChair hashtag. I was inspired to post a remembrance of my friend David, who was murdered 25 years ago. I was being harassed by a gaggle of gunhumpers when I decided to just stop feeding the trolls. According to them, I was a meth-whore, crackhead, crazy person, bimbo, blahblahblah. I ended up just blocking most of them when they simply wouldn’t stop.

And then the notification for that comment, made to me by some pathetic, women-hating, keyboard cowboy whom I had not engaged. Out of nowhere: I really hope you get raped.

I replied that I had, in fact, been raped. As a child.

Later, after I told him that perhaps he might want to check his pedophiliac tendencies — and anyone who cheers a child’s rape by saying “GOOD” is, in fact, a potential kid diddler — he tried to up the ante:

“I hope you get raped by someone who is HIV positive.”

What had I done to incur such vitriol — because after all, I am a woman, a proud feminist, and, oh, not entirely without opinions, and that combination is just asking for trouble on anonymous social media  you might be wondering?

If you are, in fact, wondering what I had done to draw that response, fuck off. Seriously. Just, back the fuck off and never visit my page again.

Because there is nothing, zero, nada, ungots, that would in any way justify a man saying to a woman, I hope you get raped. Are we clear on that? Good.

What apparently attracted this bottomfeeder’s attention was a tweet I made about feminism. Apparently, anti-feminist hashtags are really popular, and they are also populated with morons and fuckwits who have nothing better to do than troll the anti-feminist hashtags. (And yet, they wonder why they can’t get a date. Hmmmm. Insert quizzical emoji here: 🤔.)

Anyhoo, one of the more active “meninists” (and excuse me, I snortle (chortle/snort) each time I say that word. Because come on boiz, get your own word. Oh wait: mansplaining. Got it.) tweeted a suggestion that feminists should be brutalized, and I responded.

riiightttt…women need to be kicked and shaken.

Not surprisingly, this dope then told me I was ugly and old, to which I replied, Yes, yes I am. And then more of his minions started piling on about how my vagina is full of sand (a reference to a desert, I suppose) and really, I should just shut up and be grateful to all of the menz who are just trying to make the world a better place for us gals. And oh, of course, the usual nonsense about all feminists being fat, ugly, and just so sadz that they cannot get a date.

That last bit, by the way, really cracks me up. Because the irony: feminists being trolled, threatened, mocked, and doxed by the self-hating women who love pathetic man-boys who hate women because the only women they get to date are those who hate other women. There’s a meme in there someplace. Or possibly a RickRoll.

Seriously. Then the girlfriend of the douchecanoe who started this whole thing with fantasy about kicking feminists in the vagina, came after me. At that point, I had enough: I blocked her. Any woman who opposes feminism is not a serious person. And should have her vagina revoked.**

Yep. I believe that. If you are a woman — biologically, gender-identity, whatever — if you identify as a woman, and you are siding with men who think it’s perfectly acceptable to wish violence on other women? Who think it is perfectly normal, even funny, to harass and threaten and attempt to mock and shame (which doesn’t work on me, because I will come right back at you) other women? Who lead the piling on, or join in and support it? You need to re-examine your life. And maybe take a mindfulness course. Or yoga. Something to boost your self-esteem that doesn’t involve harming other women so that you can hang out with a man who hates women. Think about it.

I don’t need a man to do anything for me; I’m good. I’m all set, honestly. I have a good job, I buy the health insurance in our family, I make the higher salary. But even if I didn’t? I still wouldn’t need a man.

I love men. I’ve married two of them and gave birth to one’s daughter. I love lots of things about men, and I am glad that I am not a man. I prefer being a woman.

But I don’t need a man.

What I need is equality: a world in which my daughter has the same shot at economic prosperity as the boys in her high school classes. What I need is a world where my daughter doesn’t feel physically threatened walking past a group of men. What I need is a world where women’s bodies are their own; where their genitalia isn’t mutilated, and they aren’t trafficked, or forced into marriage; where girls who go to school aren’t shot in the head for wanting an education. What I need is for women and men to stand together for equality.

It’s pretty simple stuff, really, and I am utterly perplexed as to what is so threatening about a movement that still exists because we don’t have equality. Instead, we have, at least in North America, bullies who claim they’re victims of women who demand to be recognized equally.

I made one comment: He seems special. And the anti-feminist trolls crawled out of the woodwork, like roaches, traveling in packs and spreading filth wherever they go.

**After some discussion and thought, I amend this to say that instead, I am curious about why women don’t ID as feminists. For some, it’s a matter of rejecting another label, another compartmentalized view of self that they don’t want. I respect that. April 2016